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We were first sown perishable and set on an evolutionary course that we would reach the point of immortality. I am perceiving a lot of fear in believers. Fear is of the first order. Do not fear prophetic acts. Acknowledge there was a time, a pre-fall time. Imagine this time when God walked here amongst us. Open your mind to the truth that this was a time without religion or judgement. Judgement came, the trespass happened, this caused the separation, the Spirit receded, and then the fruits of judgement were fear and religion. Imagine the time. Our God is Light that has no fear, no darkness in Him. It is confusing to weigh things in the heart when one does not have their senses trained. There is a way that seems right to mankind, but that way is death. So often we hear that and think of a very long list of forbidden things. But really this is talking about the path to self judgement, not a list of “things”. Some have lists longer than others.

Let the senses be trained. The trespass produced the fear that produces a multitude of manifestations that are of darkness. The manifestations are not the problem. Only a symptom of the problem. The problem is the trespass that is one of self judgement. Out of this one loses their innocence and freedom that is pleasing in the sight of God. It is a joy for Him to have us abide in this place of purity.

We come from a place of pure magic. Fear quenches the Spirit. Fear binds. We are overcoming very bad programming. We are breaking off strongholds and casting out fear. We are marked. We are sealed. We have things on us that are seen in the Spirit world. Do not fear the symbols that speak to the other realms. Heaven speaks in these symbols as well. The time of a veiled Spirit Bride is coming to an end. If you do not believe in magic, you will not comprehend that power when it comes.

We have ancient scriptures. We have myths. We have legends and lore. We have fairytales and the poets. We have nature speaking a word more true than anything else. We are waking up to something very real and very powerful. Imagine a time before this age of darkness that is temporary. Imagine the presence and peace that was here before mankind partook of self judgement and lost innocence. Imagine the miraculous accounts in ancient writings and imagine if those things were done in a dark age, what it will look like in an age of Light when what is sown perishable walks in immortality.

I can see One Who did not shy away from demons, even had conversations with them. I can see One Who practiced magic and performed the miraculous. The mystery of lawlessness is one that Heaven employed the dark realm to enact. Dominion is over all. Nevertheless, it will be unnecessary when that which is perfect has come — the perfect complete word. This is the revelation that reveals all. It is the revealing of the man of lawlessness –the one who does not keep the One Law that forbids all others: Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or put plainly, do not judge self. By not keeping the One Law, we practice the many. This is why it is written that the law caused the trespass to increase.

Fear is our battle. This is where we overcome and rise up out of a dark age and into what is soon to be. We can no longer look to darkness, an age condemned and doomed to end, and see God. We can only use the Light to look there and begin to understand the shadow that was cast. When we hold onto the fruits of judgement that are fear and religious law, we are holding onto what is forbidden and these are the things that cast mankind out of a paradise that was in perfect harmony with God.

It is our birthright to reach out and grab a hold of Dominion. This includes the darkness, the creepy crawly things. You may not judge me in a power being granted to me by the Son of God, approved by the Father, blessed by the Spirit. You may not. It is judgement not recognized or blessed, but in direct opposition to God.

If it is indeed time for me to shift my focus entirely to the Kingdom, then you must understand what He is leading me into. It is a time of healing from what has happened to me, and it is also a time of power. What I can do, my gifts, have been made known. They are known to the world.

I am speaking specifically to believers. So often you hinder the Spirit more than anyone else. It is a time of great power. Do not tell me I cannot do something when God Himself bestowed it upon me.

God created spiders. There was nothing in creation that was not deemed “good”. Spiritual wickedness in Heavenly places has to do with the “righteous” that partake of what is forbidden rather than those who partake of freedom.

If I am given dominion over Lucifer, then I am indeed blessed, not cursed.