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We manifest what we are. We all are projecting our Self all the time. We are revealing the Self all the time. We are manifesting many things that are from wounded places. We are manifesting many things that are from joyful places. We awaken to Self and begin to acknowledge what we are creating and can begin to cultivate, redecorate, place things in order. Every step of the way God is revealing things to me about this process. A lot of the time so many of us fail to ever begin Spirit work that cleans the house, the soul, because of pride and fear. So, we hold on to the things that are not our greatest good, not our highest expression of Self, and out of pride we refuse to accept what is an unhealthy version of our Self. So often it is of fear. Many times what we are manifesting is from a place of fear, rather than a wounded place, though they often go hand in hand.

You cannot take my journey for me. I cannot take yours for you.

When the thing growing within is too big for us to uproot, we can turn to God. About a month ago I watched myself in a vision. I had something written on a piece of paper. I handed it to Christ. It was me saying, “this is too much, please take it”. It was like it was at the speed of light once it was in His hand –that I was thrown into a wheelbarrow and being taken on the fastest ride, laughing, amazed at how He was plowing through my heart, uprooting what has been plaguing me.

The journey is within.

Be still.

In this stillness that I am learning, I am learning it is a meditative place where we observe. I observe many things there. Everyone is asleep. They are doing things that are harmful to Self and to others. It is an incredible thing to watch others sleepwalking to the beat of their demons.

Supernatural vision is not for the fainthearted.

I have seen things that are very alarming. I have seen things that are very confusing. A couple months ago I saw myself pulled up into the night sky. I watched metal armor fly towards me and shape itself to me. I am unsure what all of it means, especially in light of the dream vision I had of the other place where there were people inside robots. I feel as though this vision is symbolic of a protection from cosmic powers. I am seeing many things that lead me to believe that we are real, but we are not really here. It is a construct.

Perhaps it is indeed a construct and one that was always meant to fade as the new heaven and new earth manifest. It is all around us. Some things I see are very alarming and I am unsure of what to make of it. I am communicating with many different beings –all allowed by God. It is His governance. The night before last I saw a very large being. He looked at me and revealed to me a dairy cow. I looked at it standing there. It looked normal, just as you would imagine a cow to look. Then I watched him reach over and touch the cow. All of a sudden it became like a one dimensional flat cut out of a cow as he pushed it over. He did this as if to show me it was fake.

We are in a construct. Call it the matrix if you’d like. It is a lot to take in, and so much of it I have kept from speaking. There have been a couple times I woke up some where else. Last week I heard a very strong voice with an unrecognizable accent say, “you are awake”. Then I woke from my sleep.

This all leads back to when God said He caused a deep sleep to fall upon “Adam”, or “mankind”. We are one. Separation is an illusion. It is difficult to grasp, and yes you are a very real thing. But we are in a construct that is keeping us out of Heaven and on an evolutionary path until we awaken.

Choose to be decent. Choose to be kind. Ask for healing that we may no longer manifest from wounded places. The days are numbered.

I understand why we are in a karmic loop. There is no other way to wake someone up. You cannot take my journey for me. I cannot take yours for you. There is only experience that is needed to call the soul to awaken to its Self.

Heaven is very much invested in what is happening on earth. It is all designed to bring us home.