There could be worse things than being in a constant state of magical daydreaming –supernatural problems. Sure, I’m wildly unsuccessful in relationships and in life, but you know what, nobody does it like me. I just haven’t found someone who loves the magical mess yet. I am beginning to love it, all of me.

And this is my idea of a great day –sitting behind this mini forest with a cup of tea, a book, and surrounded by nature, my fave relaxation radio on Pandora, a dragonfly buzzing by, then a butterfly over there, birds cooing…. the best moments ever.

Lynnette’s my name and magical research is my game. I was thinking about writing an autobiography, but so far all I’ve got is that it really needed a car wash.

I opened this book for the first time today. I hope the rest of the book brings me as much excitement as the very first page that contains a brief commentary by another author.

“At its root, Magic in the Landscape is a treatise about the authenticity that results from meaningful human interaction with the earth and its myriad energies. In this modest “spiritual gazetteer,’ Pennick reveals some of the countless crossroads where local traditions and topography intersect, always with the aim of shedding light upon the deeper soulscape that these practices reflect.”

Michael Moynihan, Ph.D.

Love it.

Looking forward to soaking this book in.

Nature is magic.

I have to share with you a few pictures, again ignore the overgrown edge of the weedy grass –get over it. You know how much I adore heart ferns and I am so proud of them. The one in the small pot is one of the clearance ones that looked like it was not going to make it. And check out the other one that is shooting up hearts on very long stems, last on the right.

I heart heart ferns. Some day I’d like to have tons of them in shady spots. They are so cute making heart leaves. Check out some other pics.

I love the many different kinds of coleusususes. Or is it colei? They would definitely be in any magical forest. Look at this Peppermint in a hanging moss ball. So neat how it is shooting off stems in a downward way.

And you know what? I never mind when some clover finds its way into a pot. So darn cute.

Expressing deep gratitude to the Creator.