The Better Broom

Hand crafted from coconut palm ribs in Sri Lanka –no two brooms are alike. I remember a time when all things were artisanal, because it is a memory God has placed upon my heart. It is a familiar time that I feel homesick for. Take a closer look at how beautiful this broom is:

Get yours here:

And, on a lucky side note, I also get to keep the tag as a super cute book marker.

All legends and lore are born of truth, and remember that all things hidden were only to remain so for a time. Do not fear the occult. In the dark, we find the light.

My double kettle destiny tells me that I am to begin this magical journey in the courts of Heaven. However, my magical studies have begun. I have received another symbol in a vision. One that I cannot find in existence. The supernatural is a Kingdom. We are in a romance and mystery is leading us to the one place that unravels them all.

Heaven speaks in symbols. They are powerful.