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Early this morning I saw an Astronaut in a vision before waking up. It was like he was standing right in front of me. Then he lifted up the opening of the helmet, the face shield to look at me. He was so full of smiles. He was not like the inter-dimensional demons we call the grays that try to hurt us. He is human. He is just like us. He was black skinned and started to mouth words to me like he knew I could see him. He would not stop smiling and was so friendly and happy, I would even say giddy. I could tell he was laughing and so excited to know I could see him. Perhaps God spoke to him and arranged it and he knew all along. He mouthed several words to me.

Then later today when I was resting I kept asking God about him. God wrote in the sky. “Friend”. Then when that word disappeared like something diffused, He wrote, “Big Fan”. Then I asked God if he knew that I had my heart set on a chosen one. He wrote in the sky, “yes, platonic friend.” Then when those words disappeared like they had diffused He wrote, “he has a gift that he wants to give you.”

Where are you from? What is your name?

I can’t wait to meet this friend from another planet. Perhaps someday I will get to visit where he is from, meet his family and learn of his planet. God just told me, “Close by.” I have to say that such things are not very insightful by a God who views a day as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. What is “close by” to you, God? The next Galaxy over?

Is it really that far fetched? All of this? A day as a thousand years? How easy then to view the future like rays sent long ago from a star? How easy then to view the future like a movie scene though it has yet to be by those here. The future is but a focal point. It is relative. How easy for Him to say, “heads up, this is coming your way.” Isn’t it something that he can play scenes and timelines in my mind? It is only a mind awakening to the Self, the I AM.

I used to get very angry at Him for showing me things that never came true, but it is not that He lied to me, it is that the future is always subjected to free will. So very often God offers a place in destiny and it is despised. Rather than saying yes and partnering with Him, a different path is chosen. So destiny is removed and offered to others.

We are all free to be.

I can’t stop thinking about this “Greater Things Destiny”. There is no limit for the limitless mind. We are going to be re-united to those that did not fall to the earth in the great war that broke out in the Heavens

This planet has a very long way to go in this evolutionary process that we’ve been in. He has told me the amount of years left. He has not told me the day or hour, but I know the years. It is very short. Much will take place over these years ahead.

I can’t wait to meet this man from afar, and I am so very thankful that God has allowed it. God has told me that he is “Safe”.

I know you are reading this my Friend. I can’t wait to meet you.