Last night I saw a young man standing in what was like a little store, convenience store? There in front of him, not against the wall but the row next to the wall behind him were short waist high refrigeration units? Normally we see these taller than average heights. They had an odd thick bulbous curvy black frame unlike the usual thin black simple frame that you see refrigeration units normally have in stores.

It was like he had one of the doors open and was pissing inside of it.

I feel like so many people are of this psychopathic spectrum, and dangerous to all. Is that the case? We have those on an empathic spectrum and those on the psychopathic spectrum?

We have laws for a reason and they are intended to protect all from such people who lack the ability to govern self and honor all in freedom.

No one has the right to behave these ways. Those who cannot govern their self must be governed with consequences that all might be protected in the freedom to be.

We are on an evolutionary path and these are the final days of a dying first order of darkness. All are being called to turn away from an abusive psychotic mentality and towards a way of being that honors all.

I want you to know that we need to start considering the requirements for entry. Even the Heavenly Realm said no to us and said you can’t come in here until you evolve out of that destructive behavior.

I want you to understand that there are healthy boundaries that protect all to be in freedom, and establishing such boundaries is without condemnation of soul. To establish such boundaries is without trespass. Rebuking abusive and bad behavior is not judging someone or putting them in spiritual debt, as long as it is healthy correction without judgment.

It is not wrong to say “Don’t hit me.”

It is not wrong to enforce consequences that effects change and protects all.

Even Heaven that forbids the judging that produces condemnation of soul has established boundaries for behavior that is harmful to all. It is a system of honor in ultimate freedom.

If you don’t love freedom and want to use your freedom to abuse others, then you have no right to be in any form of government. If you don’t love freedom and believe you are entitled to harm others, then you not only should be thrown out of government positions, but you should get out of this country.

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Freedom is for those who honor all in freedom.