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You know how I have been releasing visions of impending terror, atrocities, and harm to the authorities and intercepting them for the last seven years while they have been trying to murder me for doing so?

Well, I received a vision of those who want to harm me at my workplace where all these new employees are flooding in to respond to the COVID crisis. But many are not there simply because they need a job to provide for their self or family. They came with hidden agendas. I am receiving visions regarding some, and though I have released it to them, they are refusing to do anything about it. They could easily move me to an offsite location where I can be isolated from those coming there to harm me. Not only have they refused to act, but they purposely have pushed them to work closer to me.

Last night I saw a lab report and it is our standard procedure to put the date and our initials on the upper right hand corner as the one who confirmed the positive lab and processed it. I always look there to see that it was indeed done by one of the team members. I never look at the upper left hand corner. We do not put any processing notes there. Here I was in this vision holding a lab report, and the upper left hand corner magnified in front of me. As I looked closely where we do not write anything, I saw the hidden word appear in scribbled writing: “coronavirus” It was almost like invisible writing behind the electronic information that had printed there.

They are purposely trying to plant viruses in places that will infect me. Masks are not enough. Wiping down our desks every day with sanitizing agents is not enough. Sanitizing our hands throughout the day is not enough. When there are those who intentionally want to expose you, the risk is exponentially great. On a piece of paper, on my chair, on my desk, on some random door handle…..

It is attempted murder.

Not only are they willfully and intentionally creating an inescapable situation that endangers me, they are willfully and intentionally exposing all of the other county employees.

Sometimes you have to build a ramp for others.

Equality and Equity mean something. I am in a very unique and extraordinary life. I should have been placed in a witness protection program years ago. Stanislaus County needs to build me a ramp. The county needs to rise up to their obligation as local government stewarding the lives here and refuse to let federal agents willfully engage in misconduct that has not only subjected me to relentless abuse and harassment, but also the willful and intentional endangerment of my life and all those around me. The refusal to remove me from this center and allow me to work offsite at another location is astounding. Rather than implement this for the safety of all, they not only keep me in this ever growing center, they purposely find ways to push me into closer proximity with those I’ve pointed out to them in visions. They have plenty other County locations where I can be in a secluded place and work without fear of exposure that will also harm so many others. But why would I even expect this kind of appropriate response that protects all when they have done absolutely nothing about the daily harassment and abuse I have endured there for over a year?

I should have been placed in a witness protection program years ago. Stanislaus county has refused to stand against the willful endangerment by these federal agents. They have allowed abuse, harassment, and misconduct to run rampant and remain unchecked for over a year. Not only have they allowed it, they have many that jumped aboard and actively engaged in the unlawful abuse as well. And now they are willfully and intentionally holding my life in harms way while also endangering all, thinking it is funny to assign these dangerous people close to me.

Global Cases 23,561,478

Global DEATHS 811,298

These federal agents, and even those in local government, are trying to create an inescapable situation. They are recklessly endangering my life intentionally and couldn’t care less about all those that might get exposed in the process. They think it is funny to push me to work even closer with the ones that I’ve been shown as a threat.

It is attempted murder. It is aggravated assault. It is willful. It is intentional. It is assault with a deadly weapon. It is a blatant disregard for the safety of all.

It is murder.

Creating a situation that puts someone else at risk is illegal.”

It is inexcusable, indefensible behavior that is punishable by law.

Those of this county in leadership and management positions, including executive positions, that have failed to act appropriately to protect all will be held equally as responsible as the criminal federal agents hiding behind the scenes perpetuating all of this.

You are murderers.