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“Reckless endangerment is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn’t required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions. —,foreseeable%20consequences%20of%20the%20actions.

Mr. Newsom, Human Rights are never subject to the whims of the corrupt. They can NEVER be withheld from any citizen for ANY reason. They are unalienable. They are immovable. They can never be subject to political, religious, or personal bias.

You are daily violating my Human Rights and daily endangering my life criminally. End your Gross Human Rights violations, your inhumane and cruel abuse, and the reckless endangerment of my life, my children’s lives and countless lives around me. It is willful, it is intentional, it is criminal. You are acting as an accomplice to the daily aggravated assault and attempted murder.”

I want you to know that if I make it through this, I will be bringing a Civil Rights Lawsuit down upon many –entities as a whole, and many individually.

Human Rights are not to ever be trivialized. Abuse is never a right. It is prohibited. Those who are abusive looking to get away with criminal behavior are the ones who trivialize, twist and minimize abuse. Abuse is wrong. It is prohibited. We have laws and definitions for a reason, to protect all from such people. Abuse is abuse and you don’t get to call it anything other than what it is. Your twisting and attempts to trivialize what is clearly prohibited is more of a failure than you are. If I make it through this, I fully intend to bring down lawsuits as hard as I can against many. I fully intend to set the bar. I fully intend to make an example of these people who have done this to me mercilessly for seven years. Those who abuse power will be stripped of it and replaced with those of honor who fight for the rights and freedom of all.

I want you to know that I have good days, bad days, and I have very very bad days. When I have what I call good days, I consider the seriously bad ones and I do not know who that person is.

It’s not a joke and it is not funny what you’ve done to me and continue to do daily.

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I am exhausted. I am not sleeping well. I am in pain. Yesterday I was very dizzy and it was really bad, this headache I seem to have everyday. I am trying very hard to be friendly to others and self talk myself out of perceiving all as a threat. There are some that I feel like I truly adore. But I want you to know something, there are those I’ve seen in a vision of confirmation that they are a threat and have ill intent and they are allowing them to remain in this COVID center, and they are not only allowing them to remain, and not acting to remove me, they are pushing to have them work closely with me. I want you to understand that they are trying to create an inescapable situation.

They are attempting to mentally, emotionally, and psychologically torture and abuse me, along with endangering my life. I am very tired. I do not wish to be exposed to someone carrying something, and neither do I wish to be exposed to something that someone does not have but is going to plant it somewhere to expose me to it. Neither do I wish to be around someone that my alarms are going off over without receiving a vision of impending harm, but have seen standing there in front of me.

They are willfully escalating my exposure to intended harm. They willfully keep me in this place where many new employees are filtering in and many of them with knowledge of who I am and got the job for no other reason. I feel unsafe. I am trying to work through an excrutiating headache like today –well, that is nearly everyday that I have a headache. My liver cannot take all the tylenol or ibuprofen. I have started drinking water infused with mint leaves. My head is killing me. Tension, stress, high blood pressure, all of the above? These traitors and murderers, and very cruel people think it is funny to find ways to provoke me through people and what is to be “under the radar” provocation and taunting. You would not believe all that they have done in attempts to gaslight, harass, and provoke me. The county does nothing. They do nothing and allow it all to take place.

I want everyone to know that if I do not make it, I want everyone to know what they have willfully and mercilessly done to me. They now have knowledge of one that I have received a vision about that wants to harm me, and they do nothing. Others that I feel alarmed over and unsure of, even saw in visions, they do nothing. And not only do they do nothing to remove me to another place, or remove them, they have sought ways to make me work closer with them. They recklessly endanger my life and they endanger everyone else there.

Answer me this, where am I supposed to go? There is no where for me to go. There is no where for me to be safe.

I want you to know that they daily seek ways to harass and abuse me and expose me to dangerous situations. They are creating an inescapable situation. I want you to know that if I make it through all of this, I fully intend prosecute many to the fullest extent of the law for their behavior that is prohibited, inhumane, and criminal. What they have done to me is punishable by law.