They think it is funny to emotionally abuse, torment, taunt, pick at, bully, willfully harass. They see what I’ve gone through for the last seven years and think it is funny to put me in harms way. They will not stop endangering my life, and think it is funny.

Sent Via Email

“Mr. Newsom, your lack of action is increasing my exposure to risks. You are daily endangering my life. It is reckless endangerment. It is criminal endangerment. It is gross human rights violations. You daily endanger my life. Your failure to act makes you an accomplice to aggravated assault and attempted murder. The lives under your governance are not disposable or collateral damage for a sick game. You have allowed traitors in the federal government to create an environment of terror. You choose to do nothing even though it is within your power to end this horrific abuse and criminal endangerment. It is wrong. It is cruel. It is criminal. It is inhumane. You sit there knowing what is going on and you choose to do nothing. You daily endanger my life, daily assault me, and daily endanger countless lives around me. You are responsible for this because you watch it and do nothing to protect those who are entrusted to you. You are accountable to those under your governance. You have a responsibility to respond appropriately to any present danger. You do nothing. You care nothing about those living here. You are creating a situation that is escalating beyond control. You are creating an inescapable situation. You have willfully looked on at all of this and instead of having the appropriate reaction of outrage at such injustice, you willfully choose to do nothing.”

They do not care about anyone’s life. They see me in my distress, how I am trying very hard to make it through the days and think it is funny to harass on top of all I am trying to survive, and barriers I am trying to overcome just to be successful in daily life.

They know there are threats there at this job, and they do nothing about it. They leave me there and do nothing. They know that there is nowhere that i can go to have a job without corrupt government seeking to harass me, or random people who are willing to harm me already working there or purposely getting a job to be able to get at me.

They know about all the terror, the PTSD, and they think it is funny to leave me exposed and increase the exposure and threats around me.