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A vote for team blue, or for team red, is a vote for chosen puppets that play the part on either side and are only in there to serve the corrupt global elite.

Wake up.

Politicians are not elected, but selected. Continue on believing the illusion and fighting for a particular party that is nothing but a fake facade.

This administration and the last need to be prosecuted for their betrayal and reckless endangerment. They are traitors. Both administrations have fought to set me up for murder and contend for delay. They have both sought to end the amount of hidden protection that I have around me. They have both sought to murder other civilians and soldiers for wag the dog antics.

It is one great big circus. It is a Hollywood reality shit show. Both sides are used in the game. Both sides used for the fake party pride divide and conquer politics used to keep the masses fighting and deluded while the moguls and elite launder the wealth of the country away.

You are being played. But hey, get out there and vote for your favorite traitor puppet.