Your continued delay is increasing the reckless endangerment of my life and countless around me.

Those who have been in command of all of this and responsible for orchestrating this entire mess for the last seven years must be put in prison for their criminal behavior. There is no honorable strategy in criminal behavior and behavior that is prohibited. It is blatant. It is willful. It is intentional.

You have been at the heart of all that has been done to me:

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God shined a light on you, one of your main leaders, long ago as one of those who is responsible for what has been happening to me.

The American people cannot tolerate an organization of people that believe they are entitled to harm others. We cannot tolerate a group that believes they have the right to infiltrate all governments and weaken the sovereignty of nations to murder and exploit all.

Whether religious, secular, OR SATANIC, any group that believes they are entitled to harm is a threat to all mankind.

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Have a secret society. Have rituals. Have beliefs. No one is entitled to step out of the bounds of freedom that protect all in the freedom to be. My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin. No secular group is entitled to murder or harm others. No religious group is entitled to murder or harm others. No SATANIC “secret society” is entitled to murder or harm others. And neither is any group entitled to create shadow governments that serve the global collective of traitors and betray their own.

You are a menace to society and a plague to the nations.

You may have your beliefs, you may have your opinions, you may have your rituals and traditions, but if you step out of the bounds of freedom that protect all to be free, you have shown that you are unfit to be free and incapable of governing your self to meet the standards set forth by society that protect all.

No one has the right to abuse or harm. No one has the right to murder. No one has the right to subject others to disease for profit, or some sick psychopathic desire for population control.

You are a danger to all.

Have your religions, have your groups, have your clubs, but when you step into a role in the government of the United States of America, no matter the branch, no matter the form of government, you have made an oath to uphold the freedom of all above any prejudice or opinion that your collective may hold. No one who holds any allegiance to any group that is greater than the allegiance to freedom for all is fit for office, title, or uniform.

Get out.

Not only are you unfit to serve and protect, you are unfit to be free from a cell.