“All the Worlds to See” on Deviantart http://fav.me/d8m3pea

I am seeing a man in a rustic room, cement walls? Some kind of grayish white brick? Plaster? It seemed well lit with natural light. This man looked no taller than me, but seemed older. He had on a what looked like religious attire, but casual. White robe like dress, and a black hat that was more than the small round head covering that you see Jewish men wear. It had no elevation to it, but worn on the head like a knit cap. It came down and around the face, but not connecting under the jaw. I do not see a religious head covering like this online for any known religion. Could this be a man from another planet?

It was like I was standing there in this room looking on. I could see a table and a cabinet to my right. He came in and started pulling many scrolls out. These scrolls seemed quite large to me, possibly yard stick long, if not more? He was grabbing them in no careful way, but by the arm loads and tossing them on the table. It seemed to me like he was about to go searching them all for some information. What are you looking for? Then I saw a the table and it was like a knife or some kind of tool was stabbed through one end and then at the next, both in the middle to hold it open on the table.

What are you looking for? What are these old scrolls? This was not any special museum or library, but seemed like the personal quarters of this man.

Do not marvel that I am given the ability to see into this world or other timelines, or even on other planets. Is not our mind a computer in the flesh? Have not our computers evolved to function wireless? Why is it so hard to believe that such a way to receive can be had within the mind? You must understand that we fell from the sky when the great war broke out. We are the fallen ones. We are the ones in the construct of hell. We are the ones left behind. The first fruits already taken. A greater things destiny is not about doing what has been done, but doing those things and things that are far greater than they. What could be greater than being teleported via the Spirit to another location on earth like Philip was in the New Testament? I imagine it will be teleportation to another planet and even another realm.

I hope I get to see what is written on these scrolls.