The title of this blog post is from the cover of this magazine, along with this page I photographed. I like this magazine called “Mantra Wellness”, please see

Self care is important.

Take time to shut out the world and all the barking, biting dogs. It is a crazy place, this place we call “the world”. I just want to shut the door and shut it all out. God, fight off all those trying to attack me. Give me peace. Do something to make them scatter and leave me be. I like this magazine because it reminds me that there are others out there like me, empaths. It makes me feel like I have a tribe. I will never understand bullies. I am a different breed. Being an empath is difficult enough, but try being an empath with hypervigilance. There are days that I am so strung out on stress that I don’t know who I am. I cannot work somewhere with people that see this as an opportunity to harass me and gouge at my wounds. There are days that are so intense for me. It is a tense that is beyond anything the average person can know. But do you know what? You do not have to have personal experience with something, to honor someone else’s disability. What they’ve done to me is beyond comprehension. It is very sick.

I crave a new quite season.

What does a focused, inspired, creative life look like to you?

Mine looks like a garden.

It looks like a season of rest. Do you see what is in that pot?

So cute.

If someone is constantly trying to destroy you, they are manifesting something from within their self. It is not about anyone else but that person and their mental sickness. Sadly, the only thing to do is move on. You cannot fix broken people that have no desire to press into their own healing and evolution. You cannot. It is not that they are beyond repair, it is that they hold the tools. If one is not willing to look honestly at self and begin soul work, then it is a lost cause. You cannot take anyone else’s journey for them. Just leave and remove them from your life. You deserve better. We all deserve freedom from harassment, abuse and harm. We all are born with unalienable rights. They are never conditional. We all deserve a just and favorable workplace that is without bullying and sabotage, or harassment of any kind. Don’t be afraid to start over new. Again and again until you find your place and the environment that is conducive to your highest success. Equal opportunity is just. No one has the right to sabotage you. Such leadership is no leadership at all.

You have the right to pursue happiness.

You have the right to live a life that does not make sense to anyone else. All are free. There are many things on my spiritual wish list for a life of creativity. Last night God showed me a vision of a platter, or tray. I have searched but cannot find one that looks exactly like it. In it was a collection of rocks and crystals that I’ve never seen before. They were wildly different and it was clear to me that they were not of this world. This is very exciting to me, to think about a limitless future and one that will allow me the freedom of travel to otherworldly places. The other day on August 2nd, He audibly told me while I was waking up, a number of years. I have my impression, but would like Him to give me confirmation of what this number of years mean. The last years of this dying age?

I find myself very much in the blues today. But I am always having the blues to some extent. Is it possible for an empath to be any other way?

I want to eat, drink, and be merry.

I am still getting visions at night and all throughout the day, moments I close my eyes for a few seconds, and I start to see plant life forming and growing. This gives me joy.

What does creativity look like for you? Maybe you like to draw, or sing. I had another fern that was in a hideous plastic pot, but did not have anything to transfer it to. So, I put a brown paper bag on it. 🙂 I know that won’t last very long, but it will do for now.

“Self-care is also not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you.”

–Ayishat A. Akanbi

It is time for me to leave the room in more ways than one. I do not feel the need to be what anyone else wants, neither do I have a desire to put on a fake front. I don’t feel the need to pretend I am not the damaged person trying to heal. I am sad most of the time. But I am slowly learning how to manage it better. It is paramount for me to establish healthy boundaries.

This is one of my most favorite statues and this pose makes me think about guarding the heart and not letting anyone in to sow their own darkness. To cultivate a paradise within, one will have to say no and not allow others to sow their own wounds into you. It is like saying, “I am creating space for myself and growing something beautiful –you cannot come in here and uproot my happiness, go on your way.”

Please continue to pray for me to find my place and to attain to the fullness of healing from all that has taken place and how it has left me.