You all know how much I love River Biscuits, or the Fairy Stones. These abstract works of art created by nature are like the Earth trying to speak. I cannot get over them. They are like seeing pictures in clouds.

Well, I have some very special Fairy Stones to share with you.

The weener and the hoohoo. Isn’t that the cutest thing? I could not pass these up when I found them.

I believe in Divine Creation. It is Creation by design.

I believe the erasure of gender is not liberating, as some believe, but is actually the worst form of conformity there is. Before we go on, lets call to our minds a couple of very profound things. These ideas are intended to reshape our thinking and change our perspective. We are learning how to read the ancient writings and understand a very different Heavenly Realm and how they speak in symbols and with imagery.

  • In eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we lost our innocence, not in a sexual idea of innocence, because the sexual aspect of our beings was intended and blessed from the beginning, but what was lost was rather an innocence in not judging self like a child that dances completely uninhibited and unembarrassed in front of all. There is no judgement of self. We partook of self judgement and hid and began covering ourselves with religion. We have been in a construct of fear ever since, and this fear has separated us from the Heavenly Realm and veiled our subconscious. Mankind has been asleep. We must understand that the sexual part of our nature has always been divinely inspired and without shame, but blessed and is an inheritance for us. It is a thing to celebrate and honor ourselves and another with. When we learn of the truth of the “forbidden fruit” we understand that it is not as so many have believed incorrectly and a sexual thing, though it is sexually symbolic between Mankind and the Spirit Bride. This is why the Collective that partakes of judgement and the fruits of religion is called an Adulterous Women, not remaining with the Spirit of Love, but joining Herself to a fallen nature that judges Self. But we can rejoice because it is revealed that “perfect love casts out fear.” These symbols have been hidden, interpreted incorrectly and has caused fear to prevail.
  • Lust, the second thing we must acknowledge is that the lust of the flesh is not the sexual desire that we were designed to have and encouraged to engage in. “Be fruitful and multiply!” This too is symbolic of being Spiritually reborn, but it is also a direct blessing for our sexual nature. The idea that our God designed desire is a lust to bring us shame is a fallacy. This is of fear and born of the forbidden self judgment. The lust of the flesh and the pride of life to partake of the forbidden tree of judgment is all about the desire to rule as a god over self and others in judgement.

When we understand that Adam is an individual, but also representative of the Collective Mankind, and that Eve is an individual, but also a representative of the Collective Bride, we can begin to see the individual applications of the symbols, but most importantly we will see the abstract conversation between Christ and the Church.

We are safe and we are free to be. We are safe to embrace our sexual nature as Divinely Inspired and incredibly blessed and encouraged by Heaven.

It is without shame, and the shame we might feel is of fear and if it is of fear then it is of the forbidden self judgement that separates us from the Spirit of Love and an innocence that is to be had in the midst of sexual expression.

We are safe to dance. We are safe to be uninhibited and celebrate our being.

I will never judge you for same sex relationships. I will not ever judge you for open marriages. I will not ever judge you for multiple wives or husbands. I will never judge you if you are transgender. You are safe to have your expression of love, whatever that may be. But I want you to understand that even in an atmosphere that is one of innocence and like the Garden of Eden before the fall of mankind, we are relational to each other. We are accountable to each other. If you would like to have multiple partners, you must be honest and it must be allowable to the other party. What is not right is to deceive others. If the other is not agreeable, then the one must abstain from the interaction with others, or the relationship ended. It is better to end a relationship in honesty, than continue on in deceit. The other will have to decide what is more important, keeping the partner, or having the freedom to engage with others. In the Ultimate Freedom to be that is without fear, we are still relational and accountable to each other. There must be honesty and consent.

It is important to understand that even in freedom, there are boundaries that protect all in the freedom to be. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. Freedom never implies the freedom to rape other adults, or use children as sexual outlets. Rape and pedophilia is wrong. Human sex trafficking is wrong. It is slavery.

All can be healed from these things and go on to have a blessed and wonderful sexual inheritance. No one is “tainted”. We are not to judge self. It is forbidden. We learn what is healthy and what is not. We learn how others want to be treated, and we learn how we want to be treated. We learn how to honor others. We are not a thing to be judged. We are here to have a human experience and to learn.

It is important to understand that even in the Ultimate Freedom to be, and without judgement or condemnation of soul, there are healthy and unhealthy manifestations. Unhealthy manifestations are even seen in traditional one man and one woman relationships. A traditional relationship is no guarantee that it will be healthy. We must strive to evolve self into our highest expression and into a being that does not judge self and is without fear. Then whatever our sexual encounter that is with consent is, it will be innocent and healthy. This state of self love and acceptance must also come with honesty with others and being accountable. Sex should never be used as a means to harm others.

I will never judge you for sexual choices. Nevertheless, there are boundaries that protect all, and the truth is that there are unhealthy behaviors. We are safe to look at self and press into a greater understanding of why we do the things we do in order to grow and evolve and become our greatest expression of self. Whatever your expression of sexuality is, let it be pure and honest. If you are manifesting from a wounded place, then it will not be what it should be.

It is important to understand that even in freedom to be without self judgement, we are still in a fallen world that is subject to many diseases. Be honest. Be wise.

Freedom should never be used without wisdom. And something happens as we grow. The more we evolve and develop as a person, the more we become selective. It is because the deeper we meet ourselves, the deeper we can meet others. The deeper we become, the more we desire a deeper connection with others. The more we learn how Divine sexual expression is and how incredible this energy connection is, the more we will not want to share this with just anyone. Engaging in sexual union forms energy ties. That is for another discussion, but it can affect the soul.

You are safe to have your sexual expression and have your being without judgement. God loves all and judgement is forbidden in Heaven. Yet, He still prunes and molds us into something that is our highest expression.

I want you to understand something. Harassment in any form is wrong. An innocent inquiry is natural and without judgement. We were designed to desire connection. For one to express interest in another is not harassment. It is the natural first step in trying to find connection. Regardless of gender or sexuality, this initial inquiry is natural. It either is received, and relationship starts to take its course, or it is not received. If it is not received, it must end there. If it goes beyond that, then it is harassment. It is wrong. Bullying and abuse is wrong. No one has the right to treat you this way. This is very important, whether straight or gay, no one has the right to sexually harass you in any way. I want you to understand that as much as it is wrong to force a gay person into to a straight relationship, it is equally as wrong for gay people to force someone into a gay relationship. It is harassment. It is wrong. No one has the right to bully you if you are gay. And no one has the right to bully you if you are not gay. Sexual harassment is wrong all the way around. No one has the right to bully you or force you into doing something that you are not wanting. Coercing others is wrong. It is harassment. Taunting others, it is sexual harassment and it is wrong.

There is great freedom to be. But freedom never implies the freedom to rape, engage in pedophilia, human sex slavery, or sexual harassment.

I want everyone to be free to pursue happiness, whatever that may look like for you. We are all safe to have our human experience in the Light and let the Light bring us to a healed place and our highest expression. We do not need to erase gender to learn to stop judging our self and accept our self. I want you to know that this birthright, this Divine Inheritance of a sexual nature is for all, and there is no wounded past that cannot be healed. Perhaps you were abused as a child. Perhaps you escaped a life of sex trafficking. You are a thing not to be judged. You are here to learn something, to have a Human experience, and to evolve. Our greatest challenge is not so much to cease from judging others for what they have done to us, but to not judge our self because of it. You are safe to walk in the innocence of Heaven and become a Divine Expression of true power.

Do not fear gender. It is to be celebrated. You are safe to find your expression.

Embrace the Feminine

Embrace the Masculine

These energies tell of a God who wants to evolve flesh into immortality that is in union with the Spirit. They are powerful Heavenly symbols.

Understand that the two becoming one flesh has more to do with the immortal Spirit and the flesh. We are a evolution of God.

He wants all to stop judging self, because it is then when we escape the stronghold of fear and how it is manifesting in our lives with various unhealthy behaviors. It is in this state of self acceptance that we will be free to walk in the innocence that will manifest our greatest expression of self –whatever that expression may be. Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love is a love that sets free from judgement. In this incredible Light of Truth, we find we are pruned. It is up to the Spirit what stays or goes. It is not for anyone else who cannot overcome the lust to rule over another in judgement to decide.

The goal is to be healed and manifest healthy. Then our expression will be of love and not one of fear.

We are ready to read the ancient writings correctly, not with dimly lit vision that is a veiled subconscious asleep in a construct of fear, but in the Light and awakened to the magic at hand.