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“Referred to as the “Mother of Crystals,” goshenite is also associated with motherhood. Goshenite was once used for the manufacturing of eyeglasses, because of its excellent transparency.  Goshenite is thought to be a gemstone that encourages truthfulness in all words and actions. Metaphysical beliefs hold that goshenite promotes self-control, creativity and originality. Goshenite is a gemstone that is said to facilitate communication and resolves relationship misunderstandings. Transparent to translucent, with a vitreous luster, goshenite is said to be the purest form of beryl, containing fewer impurities than the colored varieties.” –from,is%20also%20associated%20with%20motherhood.

The Seer Stone, one that can look into the future, into the past, into others, and into self. It is the ability to see into other realms and other planets. It is a gift of the Universe. It is a stone that can look at every angle. Here is the mind He has given me.

I say thank you and express my deepest gratitude to You. I say thank you and at my stance in Heaven, my thank you commands all the Heavenly Host to fall at Your feet.

Thank you! Let all of Heaven be raptured.

“Called the mother of crystals, beautiful, colorless Goshenite is the purest of the Beryls, a feminine crystal of the moon and angels, associated with motherhood. It is a high-frequency, spiritually-guided crystal that resonates to the frequency of Truth, offering a clear and honest look into the self and aids in discerning the sincerity of others. It promotes truthfulness above all, and encourages fidelity in relationships, honoring loyalty and respect, perseverance and open-heartedness. [Eason, 135][Simmons, 181][Melody, 299][Gienger, 18]” –from

A couple of nights ago I was in a dream construct by the Spirit. I first was in a religious house, and left and went into a rock and crystal store. It was well lit but soft tones, dark outside, and like an romantic eve before the dawn. I perused through the store and it was an elegant experience. I have never seen this place and I am wondering if it is an actual place in this world. A worker walked up to me with a thin case on her arm. She opened it to reveal many rings. I looked at them and even picked a few up to have a closer look, but did not want any of them. I stated that I did not want something that has a facade that will wear off. Then I noticed something in the case. It was a rock that was beautiful, not a ring, but a stone as big as an almond still in its shell. It was rolling around in there unbeknownst to the woman holding the case. I picked it up and held it under a nearby lamp. It was stunning. I have never seen anything like it. It was warm and inviting. It was full of sparkle. It caught the light in a way I’ve never seen before. I said, “but I will take this.” She said, “ok”, a bit taken aback by it and not knowing where it came from.

At that moment I stood in front of a mantle and fireplace in the store and noticed I was barefoot. This is symbolic of my destiny. I began to meditate and went into a visionary state. While this was happening to me many people came in from outside and the store began to flood with people as I stood there in a trance.

“Dreaming of being barefoot indicates that you are currently looking for a new ground, to ground yourself in something more reliable. You are looking for novelty that can bring you lots of joy and comfort. This dream is a positive omen that predicts something good will come your way and that this will change your life.” –from

A barefoot dream meaning is a strong symbol, and it speaks about longing for a spiritual path or about the need to feel grounded. In general, dreams are a positive sign and predict that something good will come your way, and this will change your life.” from

When we speak of Spiritual symbols and the Heavenly language of imagery, we begin to understand that birthing new things are a divine thing by the Spirit. They become legacies of power, to birth and create new things, to reveal the hidden. To be a Spiritual Mother of a Thousand Babies, is a great legacy indeed. There were things in this dream construct that also tell me that they want me to make peace with my past.

“They are as crystal balls for scrying the truth or seeing into the future. They were traditionally placed on the eyelids at night to improve eyesight, and were historically polished into lenses for magnifying glasses, and became the earliest spectacles. They represent purity of being and actualizing potential. [Hall, 79][Eason, 135][Megemont, 40-41]

In today’s metaphysical world, colorless Beryl is used not only to improve vision, but to open the Crown and Etheric Chakras in stimulating the mental centers. It increases one’s ability to learn and think analytically, and facilitates creativity, originality, and artistic expression. It enhances inner visions during meditation and is a valuable aid in lucid-dream work, directing the energy of each revelation of life’s experiences toward the higher aspects of one’s being. [Simmons, 181][Ahsian, 181][Melody, 299]” –from

Goshenite is a crystal of motherhood. It is the Seer Stone.

Key: Remember the source is never the stone. But the stone is a symbol of the source.

Spiritual Gifts:

Discerning, perceiving, dreams, visions, hearing in the supernatural, smelling in the supernatural, “greater things” that have yet to be done or defined….

I have heard many of you after the last post say, “Well, what are you, Lynnette?”

Goshenite, the purest form of truth. My purest form of truth is the desire for a man. I love the Divine Masculine, and am attracted to it. I love the Divine Feminine in me and have no fear stepping into the fullness of it. I desire exclusivity. I want an object of desire that is also a best friend. I want that person to be a man who fully embraces his masculinity. As much as others have the right to have “open relationships” with multiple partners, and without judgement, I have no desire for this. I seek a like minded man who also wants this kind of exclusivity. It is a seat of honor given to the other. When this is formed from a healed place within the man and the woman, this becomes a very great and powerful expression and a passion that I don’t believe can be found in any other arrangement.

Without judgement against any other, there is still preference. We are safe to have our preference and find those with like minds to share in our desired choice. Even in freedom promiscuity is an unhealthy manifestation that does not fill the soul but leaves it more empty. When we truly set self free, we want the deepest connection with another. We do not share our most powerful sexual energy with just anyone. It becomes a very special expression. It becomes more of a thing that is “giving” rather than “getting”. And when you have two givers come together, you have something that never runs dry.

All are safe to be.

No one has the right to harass me into something I do not desire. I do not need to “give it a try”. I know the woman I am and what I want. Perhaps you would like to try something. Then do so. Perhaps you find it is what you desire. Perhaps you will find it not something you ever want to do again. But if you do not want to, don’t let anyone coerce you or harass you or bully you into it. This is wrong all the way around the sexual spectrum. Be you. Let others be who they are. Harassment is wrong.

Goshenite, in truthfulness of all words and actions, and in all transperancy,

I am safe to break free from the bonds of religion and this first stage of my Human Experience that taught me that religion is a thing to shed. Nevertheless, it is also the thing that brought me to the God that I cannot get enough of. He wants to de-robe you and remove the rags of religion so you may fully experience Him in the Light. The time of a veiled Spirit Bride has reached its end. He wants a Woman with clear vision.

I am safe to go to the depths of all mysteries, and safe to get to know this ancient realm that we came from.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.”

Revelation 2:17