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The Eighth Beryl.

“The wall was made of jasper, and the city itself of pure gold, as pure as glass. The foundations of the city walls were adorned with every kind of precious stone:

The first foundation was jasper,

the second sapphire,

the third chalcedony,

the fourth emerald,

the fifth sardonyx,

the sixth carnelian,

the seventh chrysolite,

the eighth beryl,

the ninth topaz,

the tenth chrysoprase,

the eleventh jacinth,

and the twelfth amethyst.”

Revelation 21

Earlier this evening I spoke to Him and said, “What stone would you choose for me right now?” He said, “Beryl”. I tend to think the Beryl listed here is not emerald, as emerald is already specifically noted for the fourth foundation. I am curious what color He is implying. The number 8 holds a special significance to me, for a long time ago He spoke a thing to me that was of double 8’s to imply a double portion of the Spirit for a unique destiny. What color?

“The mineral Beryl is a beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. Pure Beryl is colourless, but it is frequently tinted by impurities, giving named varieties like Aquamarine, Bixbite, Emerald, Goshenite, Heliodor and Morganite. Beryl is a general name for the unnamed varieties such as Golden Beryl, Red Beryl, Peach Beryl and Green Beryl.

Small traces of iron and uranium, are sufficient to give a colourless Beryl an intense yellow tone, the typical colour of the Golden Beryl.” — From,Beryl%20dissolves%20obstacles.

Beryl is the Seer’s Stone.

“excellent for developing scrying skills, and insights into ceremonial magic. Beryl dissolves obstacles.” from the same link above.

Interesting. I am hoping to be given more insight into this stone message and if a particular color is on His mind.

I am continuing to see visions of plant life growing and varieties that do not yet exist, as if I am creating them and willing them to come into existence. I’ve started to name them. Take a look at my potted forest, Ignore the weedy half dead grass that needs to be mowed.

I absolutely love it.

And then I have quite a few going down the side of the house.

By my front door it is turning into quite the little fern gully. Look how cute this is with the tiny pinecones in it:

And do you see the small heart fern at the bottom? I have four altogether, two that are getting quite large and thriving. The other two were clearanced and almost dead, 75% off. This one started coming back finally and the other one I thought was not going to make it, but………

So adorable. It finally got these two leaves and has a baby one sprouting that is so darn cute. When it looked like it was going to die, I put this miniature shrub in there to give it some nurturing shade and encouragement. When I noticed it starting to come back, I decided that it is a magical place and turned it into a little fairy garden with a miniature bird bath and weathervane. Adorable! Totally a place magical creatures would hang out.

Time began in a garden, and time will end in a Kingdom within.

And this is my little orchard. I have a lime tree, pink lemon, kumquat, and a mandarin orange.

Also I am very excited about this rex begonia. I like to mix things together, but this thing is incredible. Look how the leaves swirl. The color is amazing. I put it all alone in this big pot because I want to see what it can do, how big it can get and fill this pot. The pictures online are something else.