We are in the business of Freedom. Whether the secular or religious arena, the fight is clear. The Warrior Spirit is the most pure in the one whose allegiance is to Freedom and whose fight is to protect it.

Americans will not be subject to tax slavery and the draining of the Nation’s wealth by foreign hostile powers. It will end. The intended purpose of taxation will see to the prosperity of the Nation, not to double billionaire bank accounts of those who murder us at will.

Our successful business model, our flourishing marketplace, our citizens housed, our future of innovation and design, a landscape of prosperity, will be established and then we will reach out to help others build their own model.

We cannot tolerate a treasonous government.

Foreign aide must end. It has been a means for these corrupt global powers to launder our wealth away. We must see to the States, and then we must see to our South America. Beyond that, we must expect these foreign powers dripping in wealth, much that came from the back of Americans. to build their own countries. If they are oppressive, the people there must overthrow them.

Oppressive governments and a secret global satanic society that infiltrates all, weakening the sovereignty of nations, those that hold no allegiance to any but their own lust for power and money, must be dealt with.