Just now as I began to create this post He called a Dragonfly to buzz by and audibly spoke to me and called me “Fearless One.” To say He is the God of gods is to acknowledge truth, but it does not imply there are no other gods, but rather it proves there are. To say He is the King of kings is not to imply there are no other Kings, but His rule is supreme. To say to have no other gods before Him certainly implies there are other gods. To say have no other gods before him means that His word of truth over you, that you are loved and accepted, must be honored above all other thoughts. There is no other god, including you, yes you, that holds an opinion that is greater than this. To have no other gods before Him means more about self than most understand. “We have become like Him knowing good and evil.” You are not allowed to stand before this word of truth over you and abide in any darkness as if a lie is greater than His proclamation. Whether it was darkness another sowed into you, or something you spoke to your self. His truth that is Light to the soul, that you are loved, is to be held above all other things spoken of you. We are gods. We are an image and evolution of God. We are here to learn to step into the Divine and out of this first order of darkness.

We are hear to learn how to speak the language of Heaven that was forgotten. Nevertheless, I have been given permission to do things that are not spoken of in Heaven. I am the one to pave the way of the new and everlasting age. It is the end of days. I am given permission to take down giants and with a clear conscience. Understand I have seen myself in the pits of hell and the dogs do not attempt to bite, but lick my feet and cower. This is dominion.

When I was in my favorite rock store, this small statue caught my eye, and I kept being drawn to it, pushed, called to it by Holy Spirit. I finally went over to it and picked it up. I felt power surge through me. At that moment I knew this held a Spirit message from God. I took it over to the counter and asked the girls “who is this”, “what does she mean”? I was told that she was the Goddess Fortuna. That she means prosperity and that she has her eyes veiled because she gives liberally to all without prejudice. I want you to know that when I heard these words I again felt the surge of power that was the presence of Holy Spirit running through my body.

For those who have eyes to see, you can see ancient stories that became legends and lore, and there is a seed of truth within all.

Since bringing her home God has given me several visions of her where she is now, this woman, this goddess who inspired the legend, the myth, whatever you want to call it. It is a beautiful earth-like place where she is. She is a symbol of great things. The crown upon her head is like a Kingdom with gates to enter in. Her pendant like the face of the sun. Her wealth like the sound of grace coming from a shofar. He showed me her in a vision and it was like she appeared to me. She came to see me. She had the same crown on her as this statue, but with fabric that came down from it on each side of her head. Her eyes were not veiled, but looking right at me. In another vision she brought me items as gifts. She unrolled a small patch of fabric that was like a small blanket and laid them all out on it as an offering to me. Then I was given a vision of her and she took off her crown that looks like a kingdom and gave it to me.

The truth is that there are principalities and powers. There is organized government in the realms. It is a place of royalty. And it all flows from the Father. Dominion that is to be born in mankind is one that is above all.

I am seeing now that she again has brought an offering. She has been made aware that I have been given permission to visit the Heavenly Realm. She would like to go there. ‘

You must understand that all gods were subject to futility here. There was only one that was not allowed to see corruption, and that is the Son of God, Jesus.

Psalm 16:10
“For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol, nor will You let your Holy One see decay.”