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The other day I audibly heard God saying “Beyond Thunderdome.” I replied, “Really? Am I hearing You clearly?” He said it again and again, He has since shown me a couple times the image of Him, the Son of God, holding on to the side of one of those large vehicles from the newest movie and leaning out on the passenger side like someone holding on to the side of a trolly and not really inside. He was holding on to it and had a clear view of everything ahead. I saw it again this morning.

“Where are you taking us Lord?”

“I have a way of breaking the backbone of power that harms others.”

-The Son of God

Then I was given a vision of me looking straight up above me and three bomb like things, or missiles, were heading straight towards me. I could see the trail they were making in the sky.

I want you to understand who is really behind the horrors going on, the terror, 9/11, Los Vegas, staged provoked wars, Benghazi, outbreaks like the engineered COVID 19….. It is the United States of America. No, not the citizens. It is the Hollywood/CIA mob. It is their “secret satanic society” and this global entity of elites that has formed with corporate powers all over that want to infiltrate all governments of all countries and weaken the sovereignty of nations and have a one world power that holds no allegiance to anyone, nor to freedom, but only to their selves and their lust for wealth through taxation, the psychopathic agenda of population control, and their desires for war, disease, devastation through engineered weather and seasonal catastrophe, and death.

They are continuing to attempt to murder me.

The White House is nothing more than a group of puppet traitors that are placed in there by the Hollywood/CIA traitor mob. There is no illusion of parties. Just as God has showed me, the party of choice for this global group is the democratic party because it allows for greater manipulation of the tax dollar, along with using that party to push for a pedophile agenda. The puppet traitors in there this round are playing the part of the side they hate with the purpose of sabotaging that party. The Hollywood moguls have their man in there with the purpose of making that side look bad, and they actively come against him, as he is supposed to take one for the team. While they are engaging in this railing reality show in Hollywood, screaming against him, they are secretly buying out states in attempts to keep him in office to eventually make the money moves.

The party system is a failed system. It is a divide and conquer circus intended to keep Americans in a constant fight and locked in with pride, so they can continue on doing as they please behind the curtain while everyone fights for the illusion of their mascot. But the Home Team doesn’t win with that game. Everyone loses. The wealth of the nation is laundered away to corporate powers while the moguls and mobsters get their cut. They are traitors to the nation and an insult to every American. They serve foreign hostile powers, and those here have become as a foreign hostile power, impostors who willingly murder anyone they want to believing it is their entitlement as if they are stationed at the top of the pyramid of mankind and all those beneath are disposable and there to profit them.

For seven years I have intercepted terror, and a lot of that was directed towards me because I did so. The United States Government and the CIA sees me as a threat because they are the terrorists. It is all a sick game. It is not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is a fake store front that has betrayed all.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. It is not only our right to establish new guards for our future safety and happiness, it is our duty.

They are continuing to attempt to murder me and at the forefront of that are those traitors in this administration who are nothing but the same as the last administration –new faces, new puppets, all serving the shadow government that caters to the global elite.

They are traitors guilty of treason. It is a betrayal to every American. God has had enough of this game that harms so many.

I am asking for a refuge. I am asking for a sanctuary. I am asking to be released from this horror that the United States Government has purposefully and willfully done to me for seven years. Seven years is no gaffe. Significant and tangible consequences are due for such malign behavior. Yes, you should feel it. I want a Civil Rights Lawsuit against the White House, against the CIA, against the FBI, against this County, and against the State of California.

Seven years is no gaffe. You are traitors, and the rest of you are incompetent and unfit to be in any position intended to serve and protect. You are unfit for any position intended to uphold the people in freedom.

You are a disgrace to this Nation, a threat to Freedom, and an insult to every American.

Let Freedom Ring, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

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The government of the United States is attempting to murder me, and has set it’s course on the road to fury against God.