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God is prompting me to talk about this. All day He has been nudging me, showing me His hands placing mine on the keyboard to type about it. Racism is a problem all over the world, and as He very clearly points out to me, in the hearts of all people. It is not a white problem though history has put the spotlight on whites, rightly so due to their prevailing actions. It is still in the hearts of all people. Some of the most racist people are not white, according to God. Those with power and money tend to manifest it more, as they are in a position to do so and get a way with it.

There is a very clear message that God is wanting me to make known.

It is not racist to rebuke someone’s bad behavior. It is not racist to say “don’t hit me.” It is not okay to harm others and when they call it out to cry “racist!” This kind of twisting to avoid accountability is prideful and is a type of racism. You want to provoke others to anger so you can call them a racist because you are the racist and you want a reason to draw the guns. You want others to be angry. You want to provoke them, because you hate them. You believe provoking them to anger towards you then justifies your own hatred, and you can feel satisfied with portraying them as a racist and sinking your teeth into them. You are the racist and you love your games to try and defame others.

God looks at the heart.

When God gave me a vision of the government agent hiding out in the old hospital where I work, He revealed two things about this woman. First, He was putting the spotlight on her. In the vision she was brought to light and out into the open. He was calling her out. He was revealing one of the main sources of all the abuse and harassment that I have endured over this last year of employment. Secondly, the fact that He had her walk passed me with her eyes all the way shut and unable to look me in the eyes revealed to me that on some level she knows what she had done was wrong.

Being so provoked to anger and putting her on blast, her response was to call me a racist. This is what some do when they are prideful and do not want to be held accountable for their actions. No one has the right to abuse others and then call anyone a racist when they are called out for their bad inexcusable behavior. The anger I feel towards this woman is just and warranted.

Your skin is not the problem. The content of your character is.

Your skin is not the problem. Your behavior is.

Abuse is NEVER a right. It is prohibited. Human Rights are not for this race or that. They are not only for government agents who believe they can violate others’ Human Rights and believe they are entitled to do so because they hold a certain amount of power.

Those who cry racism to avoid accountability of their own bad behavior are a huge part of the problem and they hinder the real cause. They are the reason why so many do not take racism seriously.

You are cheap and everyone else has to pay the price.

The other day when I sat down outside in front of my laptop and my neighbor decided to BLAST music in his car so loud that I could not hear my computer that was 12 inches away from me, I walked over and politely asked the relative in the lawn chair if they could turn it down a bit so I could hear mine, as they also were listening to theirs. Her reply was to tell him to turn it off and that it was disrespectful. I replied that no, I was not asking them to turn it off, they have a right to listen to whatever music they want to. I was only asking if I too can listen to music. I was not criticizing the music and neither was I asking for them to turn it off, only to allow me to hear what is right in front of me next door. Still she told him to turn it all the way off. The request to lower the music was not racist, but reasonable and without judgement. This was not racist. My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin.

When my Ex-husband had to go over there at 2am in the morning, this morning, to ask if they could turn down the music that was vibrating through the house and he was unable to go to sleep or sleep through it —this was not racist. It was a reasonable request.

The problem is not your skin that is God Breathed and God Designed. The problem is your behavior.

It is not racist to call out bad behavior, inconsiderate behavior, criminal behavior —it is not. And to do so certainly does NOT marginalize people. Understand this, to imply such a thing is to actually marginalize them and you are implying that a group of people are incapable of good behavior or rising up to the standards set forth by society. To imply that calling someone out on their bad behavior is racist is to imply that bad behavior is the identity of their race. This is the worst form of racism and reduces people to less than all. But it is so tempting for so many because it allows pride to prevail and those with poor behavior to go unchecked. They do not want to be held accountable. They do not want to admit they are wrong or behaving badly. It feels better to simply accuse someone else of racism. Understand that those who blast everyone as a racist to avoid accountability and continue on with their “right” to provoke others are the racist. It is the same dress, different color.

Racism prevails in the hearts of those who first judge their self. Remember, first we judge our self, and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. Don’t you know I’ve been murdered. Over and over by this woman at work. She has judged herself and wants to harm others who are different. Jealousy is an ugly manifestation of fear. If you love and accept yourself, you will not hate others and try to degrade them so you can feel better about yourself.

Same dress, different color. You are a racist.

Abuse is never a right. It is PROHIBITED. And the fact that you do not hold yourself accountable professionally is a testimony to who you are and that you are unfit to work in any government position that gives you access to the lives of others.

Your skin is not the problem. The content of your character is. The more you cry wolf, the more people will stop showing up when it really matters. You are a part of the problem.

No one will be marginalized. All men are created equal, and all are capable of learning good behavior that honors all in freedom. All are accountable to the standards set forth by society. To have it any other way would indeed be racist and reduce a people to something that is substandard and less than everyone else.

Accountability is the platform for change.

You hated me for no reason. You are the racist and your jealousy is the ugly fruit. Those who do this need to stop so the real and devastating issues of racism can be seen when the smoke clears.

It is God who called you out.