This word means:

Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion.

I am asking for refuge in a willing State who will give me a sanctuary.

They have relentlessly abused me for 7 years without mercy and with endless provocation knowing I am deeply struggling with PTSD. They have mercilessly withheld connection as they intentionally recklessly endangered my life, intentionally and willfully holding my life and my children’s lives in harms way and allowing all to be put in danger as well. Many have been murdered.

They have unethically harassed and abused me at my workplace without mercy.

I am asking if there is one of the United States that will give me asylum and refuge, a sanctuary to be protected.

Those who have done this willingly and intentionally for years should lose their jobs and careers. Some should also go to prison for their reckless endangerment that was blatant and willful for seven years and without mercy.

Accountability is the platform for change.

I want to pursue civil rights lawsuits against them and be placed in a safe place with connection and set free from the abuse and endangerment. This cannot be on a military compound.

Human Rights are never subject to the whims of the corrupt.

Abuse is never a right. It is prohibited.

I am asking for refuge in a State that is in love with Freedom and the great ideals that were intended to set this country apart. I am asking if there is a State in America that is lead by standards of freedom and moved by compassion and mercy.