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Believe it or not, the greatest failure is not those traitors in office and positions of authority that are guilty of treason against the entire Nation. The greatest failure are those who fail to act against them. So many people have died because of these treasonous monsters, but so many more have died because of those who fail to act on irrefutable evidence to end the reckless endangerment. Rather they continue on in a criminal game with American lives and National security. So many people have died not just because of the corrupt murderers, but specifically because of those who failed to act. Had you acted on irrefutable evidence instead of sitting on it, so many people would be alive today. You are guilty of aiding and abetting a very clear and present danger. You are guilty of willfully and intentionally holding innocent American lives in harms way, like dangling a carrot, all for a sick game. A game for some of you that is one of, “let’s see how many we can flush out while we use Lynnette’s life as bait”. And for others it has been a game of, “let’s see how far she gets before we get this bullet in her head and get rid of this problem.”

So many have died because of this horrific global group of elites and their shadow government that has infiltrated our various forms of governments and military with traitors that gladly pull the trigger on Americans any way they can. But hey, keep rooting for your party pride and your fake puppet politicians that serve the global elite. Makes sense –ignore the treason, murder and money laundering of billions of tax dollars to foreign hostile powers so you can protect your pride and keep your illusion rather than looking truthfully at the deception. You are so patriotic I am getting the warm feels all over. Please continue fighting for your party pride rather than for freedom. Don’t you dare fight for real freedom or protect soldiers and Americans by speaking the truth. That would be so unpatriotic.

Your twisting is more of a failure than you are and more of a failure, believe it or not, than your politics.

Critical thinking is hard, but do try. Give it the good old American try.

So many people have died because you have allowed murderers to continue on murdering when you had irrefutable evidence in hand that could have stopped them. So many lives have been lost because of your failure to act. It is all because of your sick desire to play games with National security and with American lives. It is all YOUR doing. Every day is a moment in time when one faces choices to act. You have willfully chosen NOT to act FOR SEVEN YEARS, willfully allowing known present dangers to continue harming so many. You willfully did this thinking America and all –soldier and civilian, are a game to be played with and oops, sorry about your luck. May the odds be ever in your favor. You make me sick. Defend the goddamn country or hang up your uniform. Is watching a civilian Mom being hunted for seven years, and all Americans being recklessly endangered considered defending the country? Where the fuck did you get your training? You clearly know nothing of honor, duty, and code.

I am free. Act like you know.

This morning I saw a vision and it was like a piece of paper and on it appeared two drawings of your typical looking prescription bottles with a label on them. So what are you drawing up? Let’s get a couple things very clear.

  1. You will not put ANY “secret” ingredients in my blood pressure medication, you know the blood pressure medication I need because of YOUR ongoing criminal behavior towards me, and gross human rights violations, the abuse I daily have to face. You will put nothing in there. You will do NOTHING concerning my life without first obtaining my consent. I am free.
  2. The remedy to this problem is not to “drug Lynnette” and “make her numb to our abuse so she can better deal with the harassment, mistreatment, and daily reckless endangerment.”

Critical thinking is hard, but do try. I know you have very special certificates in fancy frames hanging on your wall because you could memorize facts from a text book and fit the mold, but do try to understand that Human Rights are not subject to the whims of the stupid who have degrees.

The freedom of expression, the freedom of opinion, righteous indignation —all of these things do not call for pharmaceuticals. Don’t abuse and provoke someone to anger, for seven goddamn fucking years of relentless cruelty and degrading treatment, and then think, “Oh, Lynnette need to be on some meds”. Again, critical thinking is hard, but try just a wee tiny bit.

The remedy is not to drug me. End your harassment and abuse. End your criminal endangerment of my life, and my children’s lives, all those lives around me. End your daily harassment and abuse at my workplace. End your unlawful invasion of my privacy, my blog, my workplace. End your harassment of me, making me a target through various other forms of government and law enforcement. Isn’t that funny to call them law “enforcement”. Law abusers is more like it. Cease and desist from your criminal behavior and your gross human rights violations.

I have great cause to be angry. The remedy to that is absolutely not, “Lynnette needs to be on some meds.” Indeed, critical thinking is hard, but it is becoming clearer every day that you are ill equipped to think at all. So that said, fuck you, you fucking criminal traitors. Get the fuck out of my life. Cease and desist from your criminal endangerment, abuse and harassment. You will do nothing concerning my life without first obtaining my consent. You are like someone who walks up to another who is being relentlessly punched in the gut over and over, and instead of looking at the problem and telling that person to stop fucking hitting –you look at the one being punched and say hey I’ve got a prescription that will help you not feel that, and then walk away. You are fucking idiots. The world is being run by fucking morons. Oh, but you have a piece of paper that tells you that you are smart and worthy and you have the right to be right in what you are doing because your piece of paper is like entitlement to be right and do what you are doing. You are fucking morons.

Again, and pay attention, I know it is hard for you to entertain thoughts that are outside of whatever box you’ve put yourself in, whether religious dogma, satanic ideologies, or fear based academia that perverts science to something that is exact rather than a thing of limitless quantum possibilities, THIS:

“In the end days, God will pour out His Spirit and they will dream dreams, they will see visions, and they will prophesy.”

The New Testament, the Book of Acts chapter 2

is NOT a medical condition.

I am free.

Even though you are not and cannot handle it, I am free.