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Hey, remember seven years ago when I took a giant leap of faith and said to you all, “Let’s meet for coffee and change the world and stop terror and be the greatest A Team ever!”

And no one ever came, but instead you embarked on a relentless pursuit to destroy my life, use me in a sick game to hunt me and use me as bait, and relentlessly harass and torture me?

Remember that? Those were the 10 minutes, weren’t they.

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Stay the fuck out of my life. You are not my friends. I want to see you rot in jail where you belong. And as far as you, you mindless, heartless fucking cunt, that has been hiding out in the old hospital provoking abuse and harassment at my workplace —I cannot wait to see a civil lawsuit land on you personally along with those against entities as a whole. You stupid fucking bitch. You deserve all the Karma that’s coming to you. You’re a fucking moron that should be forbidden to ever work in any form of government again. No wonder God gave me a vision of you coming out of that building and holding your eyes closed. You could not even look at me. What a fucking piece of shit you are.

Straight from the CIA Playbook:

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“No, this is fine. You’re fine. There is nothing wrong with this. You are not seeing things clearly.”

As they twist and turn, jab, harass, taunt, provoke, abuse. You are unethical, inhumane, abusive, cruel, unprofessional, unethical, morally bankrupt, you stupid fucking cunt. Seeing your career destroyed will be just.

You are a fucking incompetent moron. Yes, you, you stupid fucking bitch.

God Bless America, by destroying the fucktards we call government agents who think they are entitled to fuck with American lives. You need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, you fucking inept moron.

Oh, oops, edit, I forgot to say,


Bless your heart.

Oh that’s right, you don’t have one. You are fucking disgusting. You deserve to have done to you all that you do to others, and then some.