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I am very thankful and want to offer up my thanks to God for how He is helping me to not be so negatively affected by the auditory assaults by others who intentionally try to create noise, alarm and disruption. It is truly like a blanket.

Remember, according to God’s word that is very different than modern day psychology, it is not the wounded that are crazy. It is those who do the wounding. He compares those who behave in such ways as “madmen” with flaming arrows who go about shooting others and then deceives all to say “was I not joking?” There is a call by Him for those of such abusive character to turn away from what they are doing. It is a pathetic state to be in. According to God, it is psychotic. He says you are like an insane person. If you desire to damage others, harm others, mentally abuse and harass others, you are of a very depraved mind. There is a call to turn away from it.

“Like a madman who throws
            Firebrands, arrows and death,

      So is the man who deceives his neighbor,
            And says, “Was I not joking?”

Proverbs 26

Things are much different in the Heavenly Realm, aren’t they. Thank you, God, in Jesus’ Name, I thank you for helping me and protecting my spirit as I daily deal with such people.

Let God deal with you. When God gives you over to the hands of Satan, it is always for a season. Some call that Karma, some call it discipline, some call it justice. I call it experiences that are needed for those who cannot govern their self and must learn by getting a taste of their own medicine so to speak. It is a thing that teaches unfeeling people how to feel for others.

I can’t imagine ever being like that. I can’t imagine ever knowing someone is suffering and wanting to press upon their wounds without mercy.

He made it known to me today that He sees every moment, that He sees every jab, every comment, every jab, every attempt to jolt me in some way, taunt, provoke. He told me today, “I see it.” God certainly has a way of dealing with people. “Let go of the burden”, He is telling me. It is His, and He intends to deal with it.

I give it to you then, and lighten my spirit.