They are traitors guilty of the highest treason against the nation. They serve corporate powers, foreign hostile powers, that all love to murder soldiers and civilians for profit.

They are actively engaging in efforts to figure out how to murder me, ordering assassination attempts, and plotting to figure out how to accomplish the task.

The elections, the campaigning, the various “causes” —it is all one big facade. It is a fake store front for a criminal mob. It is all one big Hollywood/CIA reality show.

They are liars. They are murderers who care nothing about you. If you are alive, then they love you for your vote and tax slavery, as they launder the wealth of the nation away to foreign hostile powers. Otherwise, you should consider yourself lucky if you are one of the ones who is murdered by engineered catastrophe that brings them tons more money than your tax dollar. Seriously, be thankful you get to live to support them and even more thankful that you get to die for them. Only ask what you can do for your country and that includes being murdered for profit.

Wake up. It is a fake store front. It is all a game. Understand clearly who they are. They are traitors to the entire nation. It is treason. They are murderers who are actively seeking ways to murder me.