Lumi the Cat likes the Jesus candle. Check out these fabric pots. Isn’t that different? I figured I’d try them out. I’ve got a small one and a very large one.

We will see how this goes. I have to tell you about a new favorite –Brunnera Macrophylla. These giant leaves stole my heart. It will grow blue spikes of flowers. I am blown away by the pictures of it and the many varieties I am finding online. They are so spectacular. If you have a minute, you should search it up and look at the images. They are incredible and they might have Hosta’s beat, at least tied. I am hoping to see some of the different varieties in our local nurseries. I cannot get over some of the pictures. The leaves are huge and beautiful, some of them are bluish with very pronounced veins, like “Brunnera Alexander’s Great”.

I pruned some of the leaves and will take a picture of it tomorrow in the sunlight. I can’t wait to see it grow and see what it can do.

Expressing Deep Gratitude.

I am deeply thankful to God for this little garden in pots and how it nurtures my soul.