“What is PTSD Hypervigilance? One of the many hyper-arousal symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is hyper vigilance and this refers to the experience of being constantly tense and ‘on guard’- your brain is on high alert in order to be certain danger is not near.” –from

For Seven Years you did this to me and without hesitation, without mercy, and enjoyed it, contending to make it go on without end.

“You are a monster that needs to be put away. You are cruel, inhumane, unethical and criminal. You are a threat to every American, Human Rights, and Freedom. You are a disgrace to this nation. You must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You must be made an example before all.

It takes a great deal of energy to remain on alert PTSD Exhausting, Tiredness

Often, hypervigilance affects sleep, as the smallest noise can fully wake you up, and the surge of adrenaline can make it very difficult to get back to sleep.

The founder of PTSD UK, Jacqui Suttie remembers how hyper vigilance affected her sleep, ‘When I could eventually get to sleep, I would wake up at least once an hour during the night – the smallest noise would wake me up with such a panic, I would be sweating, terrified and became so fearful of the dark. Frozen with fear, I’d need to get my husband to get up and check the house – several times a night. I’d be so tired the next day, but too scared to nap in the house on my own – it was such a difficult time, even with just the lack of sleep alone!’

Regardless of the lack of sleep, hypervigilance, and the anxiety levels this brings, can invariably cause exhaustion. We discuss more details on why having PTSD makes you so tired in our blog post here.” —from

Hypervigilance is an exaggerated fear of danger seen with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hypervigilance is about more than just being extra vigilant. It is a state of extreme alertness that undermines your quality of life. If you are hypervigilant, you are always on the lookout for hidden dangers, both real and presumed. Chronic hypervigilance is a common consequence of PTSD, particularly in people who have been in dangerous environments for a long time (such as serving in battle during a war) or experienced extreme emotional trauma. Epinephrine-induced physiological symptoms: Epinephrine (adrenaline)is one of two stress hormones associated with the fight-or-flight reflex (the other being cortisol). People with PTSD-associated hypervigilance will often have a sustained epinephrine response, manifesting with dilated pupils, an increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure. Hypervigilance can severely interfere with your sleep, causing fatigue, a loss concentration, and the inability to focus. Sleep deprivation can further intensify feelings of paranoia, fueling hypervigilant behaviors.


Read that small portion again:

“Hypervigilance can severely interfere with your sleep, causing fatigue, a loss concentration, and the inability to focus. Sleep deprivation can further intensify feelings of paranoia, fueling hypervigilant behaviors.”

And understand that they knew what they had put me through, how I was deeply affected by it all and continuing to face it daily, and embarked on a year long campaign to relentlessly abuse me at work and find every way they could to interrupt me create noise disturbance, extreme temperatures in my office and thought it was funny to send people into my office to interrupt me as much as possible, make my phone ring with a fax machine, making the old boiler next to my office bang relentlessly on the wall, and so much more……. I was seeing horrific things that were intercepted, while I went to work wondering if it would be intercepted or not, waiting to see if it would happen that day, with NO sleep, no not just that night, but for SEVEN YEARS, begging for help, begging for connection, begging for relief, crying out that I cannot focus, and their reaction? “let’s relentlessly fuck with her at work and relentlessly taunt her without mercy and make it so difficult for her to focus that she explodes.” This after years of emotional and psychological abuse and torture, going through the most devastatingly difficult years with life happenings that were indeed devastating, a divorce and severe suicidal depression, after a period of homelessness and the extreme difficulty in landing a job, I finally get one and then I had to deal with this. You know what was one of my favorite degrading and humiliating acts against me? Making sure I had a chair with a period stain on it and the chair stunk. It is unbelievable. There is nothing I want more than for them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and watch their lives be reduced to rubble since they enjoy watching it and causing it to happen to everyone else. Those who love to step on the freedom and lives of others deserve to have their freedoms taken away.

Human Rights definitions tell me that all have the right to a “just and favorable” workplace. What is just and favorable? Harassment, abuse, relentless taunting and efforts to sabotage?

I want you, reader, to understand very clearly who they are, this incredible joke we call the United States Government. They are monsters. They are the terrorists. It is a fake store front.

Let freedom ring.

Inhumane and unprofessional, unethical, are not strong enough words. They are criminals who are guilty of misconduct punishable by law.

And here I am left to face it all and deal with it all for the rest of my life. I have an idea! Why don’t I tell a joke for comic relief and a way of coping and then we can all laugh and act like none of it is real and brush it off. You are imbeciles.

Jesus, I want to fly away.