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I celebrate freedom, and I am convinced that the men who died for it did not die for treason. They did not die so traitors in office could work for special interests and foreign hostile powers that murder and devastate civilians with death, destruction, and disease. The illusion of freedom is a pretty picture, a fake store front while people are harmed and murdered. Not your experience and you are comfortable? Good for you. Nothing is more pathetic that those who advocate for rights and freedom while they secretly capitalize off of your suffering. Too much pride in your party politics to admit the corruption and wrong that is perpetuated by both sides? You are a part of the problem and an insult to freedom with your plastic patriotism that is a false illusion.

Let freedom ring! It is a fake store front.

Last night I was in a dream construct and in something like a military compound, but also like a regular civilian community. It was very busy with lots of people about –outside, inside. Then I looked up and saw a stealth bomber coming from afar off. It was colored as the tree agate rock. It came above and I watched it purposefully kamikaze itself into a crowd of people. I tried so hard to shout a warning and I could not be heard. I made my way over to the site and was watching bodies being bagged up. This dream went on like a movie. I watched as I was like a child being chased and hunted. I watched many things as I was on the run. There is much of the dream that I have yet to fully interpret. But I believe God colored the stealth bomber like the tree agate to represent how war is still dominating this realm. Remember, it was a war that broke out in Heaven that was Man’s doing that got mankind kicked out of Heaven. I imagine this dream is telling me that the desire for war, no matter the cost, and no matter how staged and provoked, will continue for a time. And that the fact it was a stealth bomber is pointing towards the secret intentions of some to work out my murder underneath the noses of many.

Along with this dream, I am also perceiving many other threats. It is very important for you to understand that threats will not work with me. It is a thing that has backfired on you for 7 years and will do so for 7 more. It will lead to your destruction, not mine. It is written in Heaven. It is hard for you to kick against the pricks.

The United States Military is to defend the country —

NOT defend terrorists who harm civilians and call it

good business and free enterprise, working as a

bodyguard for traitors in office and treasonous

corporate powers who murder both civilian and

soldier for profit, rather than an honorable body of

defense that serves with honor and without bias,

pledging allegiance to freedom that is for all.

Those who serve with such dignity need to step up to the authority given to them by the consent of the governed and act swiftly and clearly against those amongst them that are enemies of freedom and servants of treason.

Make no mistake, we are in the business of freedom.

Party politics and this failed system needs to be seen for what it is, yes that means you need to swallow your party pride and face the corruption and fake facade. It is all ONE group playing both sides with a sold out puppet.

Don’t threaten me.

Image from There is no ethical component to you. You do not work to protect the people. You work to protect criminal acts of treason and attacks against freedom that chip away at the rights of the people.

There is no ethical component to you. You do not work to protect the people. You work to protect criminal acts of treason and attacks against freedom that chip away at the rights of the people. You are a disgrace to the nation. It is no wonder why the Son of God appeared to me in a vision showing Himself striking this emblem and shattering it to dust.

If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, chances are it is not a proud eagle. You are a threat to freedom and a danger to all. You are a disgrace to everything this Great Nation is intended to stand for. You will not threaten me and you will not infiltrate all forms of government in order to dominate and undermine freedom while you serve a very clear and present danger. I recommend those of good intent step out and into a new brand.

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I stand boldly in the definitions of freedom that uphold me to be. And I stand with all of Heaven at my back. Step into my sphere of existence and I will knock you the fuck out. You will sorely regret it. Don’t say I did not warn you. You have no ground to stand on. You are an enemy of freedom. You are an enemy of all.

Happy 4th of July! Let freedom ring.

I dare you to make a move. Go ahead make my day, please. Self defense is a vengeance best served swiftly and with an unforgettable strike. I crave it. Thanks be to God for allowing me to work His vengeance on His behalf. What a sweet allowance.

I have no time for fake party pride that enables treason because you are too weak for accountability that might shatter your illusions and would rather have a life of pretend that powders your butt. Accountability is the platform for change. Perfection is not a trait of leadership, but fearless accountability that effects change and the betterment of all is the true quality of leadership.

It is a murderous government of traitors that are guilty of the highest treason against the entire nation. It is a fake store front. They are waiting daily for my murder. They want a Benghazi life for all. It is a treasonous criminal organization that is working for corporate powers and foreign hostile powers, a global group of elites. America is nothing more than an enslaved group of fools. But hey, continue on in your fake party pride. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Someday we will have true leaders who aspire to uphold all in freedom, not look for any way to profit off of death and disease. How about some more secret ingredients in our food and water? Or perhaps another century of a Royal Storm Boat engineered hurricanes to murder us, as they enjoy watching all crawl out of the rubble.

You goddamn fucking traitors, that includes you Trump, or should I say Obama 2.0. Anyone who willfully and intentionally recklessly endangers American lives should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You are not above the law, but are subject to it and should come under greater scrutiny of the law as stewards of our freedom. You bring down the law upon others while you blatantly disregard it for yourselves.

Get out, and go directly to jail without collecting your secret laundered tax dollars. You goddamn fucking traitors.

Let Freedom Ring! Even if it sounds like the bell of 9/11 and Royal Storms.

Let’s all pretend.

Thank you, God, for protecting me thus far from this horrific monster we call the United States Government that abuses, harasses, threatens, harms, and murders anyone and everyone they can.

You speak of Human Rights while you blatantly violate them. It is all to keep up the fake store front for a criminal mob of terrorist thugs. Romance the vote, proclaim your disdain and vehemently speak against the violation of human rights, while you drive the knife in the back of America, and love watching civilian and soldier fall.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, to liberty, or to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

Do not speak to me through the false party pride that protects illusion and bullies all out of the right to think and express. The United States Government is without legal right to adopt legislation that is destructive or impedes upon the rights and freedoms of the people. All such laws and legislation must be eradicated. You have overstepped your bounds, the bounds the bind the government that freedom might be protected for all. Understand that the rights of the people are more powerful than the government. They were written that way. Personally, I don’t think this sick joke we call the government is funny at all. You are a bunch of clowns.

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On a side note, Jeffery Epstein is alive. Take a good look at the pedophile terrorists governing the United States. It’s tax slavery, sexual slavery, death and disease for all. Thanks CIA and Hollywood Satanic Elite!