I looked at my napkins I grabbed from home and saw this one on top. 😊. A lot can happen in a hundred years.

Then there is this one:

Today’s Special would be a pita with tender cooked chicken in bite size pieces, lightly seasoned with some granulated onion and freshly ground pepper, smothered in chopped fresh basil, coated in warm butter (not cooked butter), and shredded cheese, topped with a semi traditional bruschetta medley that has diced peach added to it. Important that the basil and butter are not cooked but added to the warm chicken once off the heat. Perhaps I would add a very light balsamic/yogurt vinaigrette brushed on the inside of the pita. This “bruschetta” would probably forgo the heavy olive oil, I think, and be more of a pico de Gallo kind of style —fresh, light, mixed with the warm buttery melt in yer mouth tender chicken bites. Perhaps there might be a light toss of Parmesan with the butter, then the sprinkle of shredded cheese added. Maybe avocado on the side.

No, I’m not sure about the peaches, I’ve never tried it before. It sounds good, bright basil and a little sweet in there. Maybe I’ll try this this weekend. For now I’ll eat my apple since I had my bongo beans for breakfast because I could not wait till lunch. I was weak.

I wish I got a picture of the hummingbird I saw on my break this morning. I asked God for a spirit message and then it came my way. So so cute. But someone came out of the building where I was and it went on it’s little way.