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I think the real question is why certain ones of you continue to try to discredit me. I think it is time to put the spotlight on you. Seven years of you all jumping when I release visions, then some of you have the audacity to continue to malign me even though you will jump at the next vision when not trying to pick me apart. You are ridiculous. It’s like someone who can’t stop talking about how terrible something is but can’t wait to shove another bite into their mouth. It’s pathetic. You are the problem. You don’t make any sense.


“In the last days God will pour out His Spirit and they will dream dreams and they will prophesy.”

Acts 2

…is not a medical condition.

The fact that you are a witness to the truth of the last seven years and cannot accept me, yet jump at what I say, is a testimony to you. I do not require you to believe in God, do I? It certainly is not necessary for you to believe in God in order to experience the truth of who I am and what has taken place for SEVEN YEARS. Your desire to continue on in delay and to find any reason to call me crazy has more to do with your desire to hide what you cannot handle. That is crazy. It is important to put you under the spotlight and find out if you are on the side of corruption.

Human Rights are not subject to the whims of those who lack the ability to think critically or accept diversity, and therefore must act with bias.

Why do you have a problem with freedom and allowing someone to be? Why do you seek to hinder what is a powerful tool to intercept terror? Why can you not acknowledge the truth of the last seven years, though you jump when I say, “how high?” It is you that needs questioning. It is you whose actions and words do not align.

Why do you seek cover up? The only answer to that is that you seek to protect corruption and are on the side of terrorists and traitors.

You’re ridiculous. Those of you who do this should be removed. You are a problem. If you see me as a problem, then you are corrupt agents.