I got this bag of cute logs at the Dollar Tree.

I put them in with my baby Italian Cypress and it looks cute.

Mr. Twigs loves it.

And look at how cute this tiny pinecone is that it made.

It’s about as big as the end of my thumb –adorable.

Things have been hidden for so long. There are many mysteries. We are going to go to the depths of all of them.

Do you see the black onyx with the circle on it?

My daughter picked it up the other day and said, “look this rock is a galaxy and that is a black hole”. We are safe to go to the depths of all mysteries. It is only for the bold. It is not for those with a spirit of timidity. Onyx has an interesting history.

God is leading me into ancient mysteries, and ancient magic. It was not long ago I saw this star in a vision in outer space like it was drawn there in the dark sky filled with tiny lights.

image from https://mythologian.net

Last night I did not sleep at all. I was shown this star again and this time I looked through it and saw a mountain. As I looked through this shape of a star it was like looking through a window and still having the frame in view, the mountain began to have blue light flashing all around it. Streaks, flashes, glow, it was powerful and such a cool blue but felt warm.

We are entering a time of restored Dominion and that includes power over the elements. Last night I also saw a beautiful vine manifesting before me –growing because I wanted it to. It was a new creation. Then I saw another magical creature. He backed up when I saw him. I said, “Don’t be afraid. Come out here.”

If I could take a decent picture, you would see the inside of this quartz crystal and that it looks like an ice cliff, a frozen waterfall. It reminds me of the King on another planet with straight black hair. I often wonder how you are doing?

On a side note, my mind is very busy. I need a solid nights rest. Please keep me in your prayers for that, and also, today I was in our new building and they are laying down carpet. The fumes made me sick. I still feel nauseated. At one point I had to go outside. I guess it is the glue. It is horrible. I developed a terrible headache that I still have. Please keep me in your prayers.

As much as I want to stay up all night going into visions, I cannot function like that. I am trusting God will make a way for me to learn how to exist. There is so much ahead. Personally, I can’t wait for the gift of Dominion over nature.