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su·per·nat·u·ral/ˌso͞opərˈnaCH(ə)rəl adjective

  1. (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.”a supernatural being”

When we accept that God loves to do things beyond our capabilities, beyond our imagination, then we begin to open our mind to possibilities. The days can be full of tiny magical things all around us, messages from angels, happenings at the hand of God. If we make God small, well, then He will be. By our belief He steps into the fullness of our belief. How big is your God? He loves the foolish things. Are you too grown to love the wonderment that is to be had?

Today I was feeling quite exhausted and so heavy in my heart. I went for a walk on my break. I stood for a moment at the edge of a table with benches. When I started to walk away something held onto my pants. It was almost like I was caught on something. I stopped and turned around to see what had a hold of me. Nothing was there. I could freely move and there was nothing there that I could have been caught on. Then I noticed a tiny blue feather in the dirt.

Naturally I had to look up the spirit message of a blue feather. The first page I landed on was this: There I read:

Blue Feather Meanings

Speak Out

Blue is associated with the throat chakra (the energy center around your neck area). If you receive a blue feather it means you are being guided to speak out. Blue reflects the colour of heaven, and assists the spirits of light to communicate on earth.

When you receive a blue feather, ask yourself – where do I feel compelled to speak out?
For example, it may mean:-

Telling someone what you really feel
Applying for that promotion or job
Standing up for your spiritual beliefs
Accepting that speaking engagement
Channelling wisdom which you pass on to others
Writing that book

You should know instantly, what you are guided to focus on. No over-analyse, necessary. 

Additional Meanings

You have mediumship abilities, and need to train your abilities. If you are already working in mediumship, then you are asked to push yourself harder to master your gift. The spirit world understand how hard it is sometimes, but they require your dedicated service. 

Your mind, body and spirit are merging powerfully now. This enables astral travel, deep meditation and the opportunity to absorb out-of-world healing abilities. 

Now, I must say that I felt like this moment indeed “grabbed” me and called my attention to the tiny messages that He has for me. It called me to focus on so many powerful things happening in my life’s spiritual journey. I am so tired of this world trying to murder me, pick me apart, abuse me, harass me. I am so tired. I want so dearly to find a season of rest, one where I can focus all my mind and attention on healing and magic. I am so thankful for these little moments that are like a drink in a desert place. There is so much in this Blue Feather message that speaks to me. Go ahead, you scoff, I will continue on traveling the Universe with my mind. It is my inheritance. God is making known to me these gifts that are difficult for this world to comprehend. I have yet to master these gifts and He has shown me that more gifts are going to be made known to me. I am dedicated, but I am tired. I am tired of this cruel world and lousy people.

I am also thankful. I want to express my gratitude for God and His messages, for angels and their guardianship. I am thankful for nature and the gifts I am being given surrounding nature. I am truly grateful. I am also thankful today for receiving a message that there are people on my side and on the side of good.

This morning I received a vision before waking. There before me in my hands was a tin like a holiday tin that is filled with some kind of treat. It was round and the lid was a hunter green and it nearly seemed like a solid color other than up to the upper right was a hawk in flight. This tin represents a very special gift. To see it in my hands was incredible.

It is a type of dominion, but it is also more than that. It is a relationship with nature that has been lost. I am so thankful and so excited that this will soon be in my hands.

I don’t want to think that all people are bad and project my hurt and anger on everyone. But some days are difficult and everyone seems like an enemy and someone trying to hurt me or harass me in some way.

I am receiving more and more visions of plant life forming at my command. And off the topic of this post, I also saw the other night another vision of that grave I saw a leg coming up out of with the boot on. But it was zoomed in up close this time and the foot was almost formed. I suppose this is telling me that the time is near. I am thinking that these are visions of when the dead will rise.

;Meanwhile, I will focus on the now. Take a look at my gorgeous Golden Spirit Smoke Tree and all that new growth that is getting bigger and bigger. I think it is going to get its first fuzzy puff blossom? This does not look like the leaves when they come in.

I have so many ideas about new plant life.