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The United States Military is to hold its allegiance to Freedom. No one who holds an allegiance to any group that is greater than the allegiance to Freedom for all is fit for title or uniform. The intended purpose of the United States Military is to defend the country. That is all about defending Freedom. That will include defending the Nation and the People from traitors in office who serve foreign hostile powers. and it will include defending us from hostile powers here and homegrown terrorists, or any form of government that has become destructive to us, such as the CIA.

The United States Military is not in the business of tyranny. They are not a hostile power against the people. They do not murder their own. They do not work for special interests. They do not look for ways to abuse power. They are intended to protect our Freedom from abusive powers. They do not look the other way while global elite powers here and there murder their own soldiers, and the civilians they are intended to protect and serve.

Politicians and corporate powers that want a Benghazi life for all must be dealt with severely.

Make no mistake, we are in the business of Freedom. This is America.