de·com·press /ˌdēkəmˈpres/ verb

  1. 1.relieve or reduce the pressure on (something).
  2. 2.INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN calm down and relax.

With prayer, incense, burnt offerings of sage, and nature, I find release. I find a calm I cannot attain to any other way. Isn’t it something, isn’t it? How for so many human rights are only relevant if it is their own. Otherwise, they gladly abuse power when the opportunity presents itself, and enjoy it. Hypocrites. Sometimes the rage feels like it is going to boil me alive.

I want justice. His word is faithful. He will deliver to me what He considers justice. I actively and verbally acknowledge this in prayer and meditations that I may release the anger and find joy in the present.

All those in Hollywood, you will stay out of my life. All of you, don’t bother showing up when you had neither the heart nor the balls to do so when I needed a friend the most. I have no desire for any of you, or that industry. “Oh, Lynnette, why are you telling us this again.” Because I am clairvoyant. You would not believe the things I see. Even one with a pair of scissors in hand at the ring on his wife’s hand, just waiting for the right moment to cut it off. Please, I recommend you keep your wives, and you keep your girlfriends. When the intent of others rises up before me, I feel the need to remind you. Stay out of my life. If I never come into any money, I am nothing and worthless to you. If I do, then so many of you are just waiting to pounce. Distasteful, empty, shallow –no thank you. I wish you the best in a journey towards a deeper existence –apart from me. I have no desire to be around people like you who have to “turn me into something” before you associate with me. Yuck. I honestly don’t know what is worse, or makes me more angry, Hollywood, or the Government. Really though, is there any dividing line between the two? Healthy boundaries are for health.

I feel a very strong need to very clearly establish boundaries to protect me and my children.

A turn to Nature, abiding in Spirit.

It is my remedy. Each day it seems like the new growth on the Golden Spirit Smoke Tree is getting bigger and bigger. Did you know the leaves turn a gorgeous orange and red in the fall?

Earlier today I was given a vision of myself on a sunny day and standing in front of my favorite tree. I was more towards the side of the house. I had a plant in front of me and it was wrapped in floral paper. I thought this was strange as it was not fresh cut flowers, but something in a pot. I did not, and do not recognize the plant, but as I held it with my left hand, I held my right hand above it and magically made it grow larger. My perception is that it was wrapped in floral paper because God is giving me nature as a gift. I am truly thankful. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

I kept thinking about the night before and how I kept seeing leaves, vines, plants and flowers growing before my eyes, even visions that appeared to me like it was me creating versions of plants that do not exist.

Heaven Speaks in Symbols.

After yesterday’s post I wanted to share with you my collection of Fairy Stones and share with you the images I see in their unique abstract art, like shapes in clouds. They are intriguing and mysterious. As I said before, they hold mysteries and to me represent a hidden magical realm here. They are like hidden voices that found a way to sound. They call the mind to magic and call one to notice things that go unnoticed.

This is an incredible prayer right here, and that little acorn cap symbolizes something quite special. But without going into that, look at these Fairy Stones individually. Starting at the top is the newest one that looks like the moon with crescents. Just beneath it and to the right is a triangular one with a circle in the middle and little “feet”. This one to me represents God, the All Seeing Eye, and the Kingdom landing here. It is a symbol of power and truth, and one of travel in the Spirit. The big one in the middle appears to me like a Mermaid in a Spirit Pose, a Seated Twist that is opening the chest and heart. This stone to me is one that represents the feminine, power, adaptation and transformation. It symbolizes the power to go to the depths of this world and retrieve what was lost. “Mermaids also represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence (they can never be contained and frequently avoid settling).” –from The one below that and to the right speaks to me of the Divine Feminine, the power of creativity –she looks like she is with child. It is an image that is symbolic in Heaven as one of great power and the ability to bring things into this world Spiritually. Lastly, the one in the lower left corner represents to me this entire earthly realm and all the magic it holds. I hold it in my hand and my mind is called to Dominion and what the Highest state of mankind is to look like.

God speaks through nature.