7,085,894 Confirmed Cases.

405,168 Deaths.

That is: Seven Million Eighty Five Thousand Ninety Four people suffering with symptoms of varying degrees, losing jobs, losing businesses….

That is: Four Hundred Five Thousand One Hundred Sixty Eight Deaths. A number that does not represent all those connected to those that died, children, spouses, grandchildren, friends…

And the numbers keep climbing. As I rotate in and out of the COVID Emergency Response center to help, the number of positives flowing in keeps increasing.

It is an act of war. It is biological terrorism. It is intentional by this very sick psychopathic elite group. Listen, it was intentional.

This group is a menace to society and a plague to the nations.

They have no conscience. They are murderers and they love the suffering. It is not only huge profits for them, they love the suffering and death. Human Rights mean nothing to them and many times their sold out puppets are at the forefront of politics here and there. They lie through their teeth, romance your vote, pretend to be bleeding hearts for those they secretly murder at will. They are bold face liars. They are two faced. It is a fake store front for a criminal organization. They are traitors. They talk a big talk about how they won’t stand for such horrors! As they organize, enact and support terrorism upon all.