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The Satanic have received confirmation that I will be a visitor to the Most High Heavenly Realm where God and all of His Angels abide.

It is true. It is the End of Time. But the End of Time is only the beginning of something new. Time is only a temporary construct that was meant to be overcome.

It is not an end like what most Christians interpret as true. Neither is it an end or place that the Satanic think of according to their own faulty ideologies that are only mere birthings of the many diverse Judeo-Christian Collective Women.

Throughout all of time, the problem has always been the Satanic.

No group, whether religious, secular, or satanic, is entitled to harm or hold to any doctrine that permits illegal acts against the inherent rights of all. The problems that arise in religious or secular circles always originates from the mingling with the Satanic word.

Any group that believes they are entitled to harm others with disease and war, enslave others sexually, through laws, or tax slavery, is a menace to society and a threat to all mankind.

I am watching the dark realm fall in line and under the control of Heavenly assignment.

This is about Dominion. It has always been about Dominion.