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I can come home, put on headphones, close my eyes, and begin to see incredible things. “We are One” –we are Him. It is the God mind, our eye -the mind. When it begins to open it is an incredible thing, and it can be a scary thing. I am learning how to press into it, to focus my intention, to walk an incredible path. I am learning to grow stronger. I am learning to fall in love with it, rather than being angry with it. The God mind, the super-conscious, is a thing that is given in doses, or levels, in measure, and when one can acclimate to what has been given, then more will come.

I am daily emptying out the anger and indignation.

The other day I was asleep and woke to a scene of a person leaning over, standing outside my wall in the front yard where there is no window and into the wall. They had from hips down outside and from waist up was though the wall and looking in. What do you think God means in showing me such a vision? I do see dead people in visions, but usually it is a kind of message from the grave. This was different. It was a vision of a happening. Are they going to be drawn to me? I know we are approaching a time when very incredible things will happen here on this planet. It is a time of reckoning and of great power.

Just now as I was listening to music and thinking of things, connecting with the mind of someone who I can’t wait to know their name, I was seeing many things. Then I saw the Father come into a vision on a horse, and as He so often does, in attire like the character Gandalf. The hat, the robe, the staff, He came on a horse. I watched this vision like a scene. He came and grabbed me, pulling me up on the horse behind Him. I watched it so quickly, but like it was in slow motion. We were going so fast. We jumped onto a mountain and many things were put down below. Many things tried to come at me and He ended them. I will not say what they were because they are a temptation to some. He stood me up on my feet on that mountain and placed articles of victory upon me. I saw the pyramid of thought come down upon my head and I wore it like a thought of pure design.

Do not fear, the visions will increase. I will not fear. It is evolution. It is who I am.

I empty out the day. I daily will do it and get better at doing it. Strength is upon me like a gift of grace.

tri·fling / ˈtrīf(ə)liNG/


  1. unimportant or trivial.”a trifling sum”

“When crows find a dying snake,

They behave as if they are eagles.

When I see myself as a victim,

I am hurt by trifling failures.”


The path is laid out before me.

If I see war, I will aim with the mind of God. And I will strive to do so without anger towards those who live asleep. These are only the last days of a dying age, and the first of what is to come.

There is so much happening out in the outer space, in the other Realms. I can see the intent of others and often see it in very incredible ways. I am learning to do so in a way that sees and still holds one in a place without anger.