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The control of the Nation’s wealth, the People’s money, must be removed from the Federal Government. Understand what having the consent of the governed means. Understand your place, and that our government is laid on a foundation of principles that were intended to limit the government and uphold all in freedom. Our foundational thoughts of freedom make the people more powerful than the government. Our rights make us more powerful than the government.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, to liberty, or even to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

All “foreign aid” must end.

It is only a means for billionaire foreign powers to launder the wealth of the Nation away. The European Elites, the Saudi Elites, and the Vatican have enough money to rebuild that side of the planet 10 times over. You are being played.

“Climate Change” must be seen for what it is, with these elites creating fires, having a storm boat that engineers hurricanes, drills for earthquakes –it is intentional devastation, death, disease, war and population control –all for profit. We must end the charade. We can then focus on State and Local efforts for greener living, rather than throwing our tax dollars into billionaire pockets that first start fires and then use bully tactics to force all into a false doctrine. Climate will change, just as the seasons we have “ages’. There is proof in the layers of sediment.

End the Federal Government’s control of the Nation’s wealth. Shift the focus of the IRS to monitor the government and work for the people. End the Federal IRS. Keep all those employed in the IRS, but restructure the IRS to now be State Level employees, and County Level employees. Let each State strictly govern the wealth of that State, with the County Level IRS strictly governing the State to keep all in check.

Let the Federal Government get a paycheck for their job position and that is all. No politician should ever be in charge of balancing a National Budget. The power needs to go back to the people and the State should be stewarding that power. In this way we will end corruption, we will put the power back where it belongs –with the consent of the governed, overcome the deficit, create rich landscapes, schools, see to the needs of those with barriers and the elderly, ensure our veterans are housed and employed, eradicate homelessness and end the housing crisis, create an incredible marketplace of small business and unlimited opportunity, shift the focus of our military from staged wars, to extreme defense of our lands making us impenetrable and focused on innovation in the move towards a marketplace in the Universe.

The mentality that it is the “government’s money” must end. It is the People’s money and we employ the government to work on our behalf. Let’s put things in the proper perspective.

Understand that our rights make us more powerful than the government. They were written that way. And they are derived from very simple common sense: My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin. In this thought boundaries are established to protect all in freedom, and without the need for micromanaging anyone in that freedom. No one has the right to become destructive, not in corruption, and not in various belief systems that cause one to believe they are entitled to act out of bounds.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. No, you do not have the right to first become destructive and then seek to harass, abuse, manipulate, punish, mistreat, threaten, or murder, anyone who calls it out or seeks change.

And you certainly don’t have the right to act as traitors, guilty of the highest treason, and become an enemy of the state and a threat to all, and then tell all they are “unpatriotic” for speaking the truth and seeing you for what you have become. Your twisting is absurd and more of a failure than your politics that serve special interests and foreign hostile powers rather than the people you are entrusted with.

End the fake store front and the sick Hollywood reality show circus that is an insult and betrayal to all in this great nation.


Destroy the CIA that is a threat to National Security and an enemy of freedom.