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This morning I saw you, bent down on your knee. You had on denim jeans and a casual blue button up with a collar for a shirt. It seemed tucked in, and in the pocket I could see a playing card with the number 4 on it. But I could not see your face because you had on an astronaut’s helmet. It was all black. Are you the same one that was here around the time I heard “bagels” and was told that you were in San Francisco? Where can I go to meet you? You need to come here. My car is not reliable to go far. Where are you from? Seeing the playing card with the number 4 on it makes me think of a vision I saw, I don’t know, was it a couple months ago? It was not that long ago. I saw outer space and the impression of a number 4 in the space. What kind of deal are you wanting to offer me?

Something I want everyone to know, it is not that we are not “ready” to know the truth of the Universe we are a part of. It is that those in charge here see the opportunity for fear and control, and out of this is a greed for wealth that comes from controlling the masses. They go to great lengths to hide “information”, and it is not out of the lie that they are “protecting” everyone. This is a lie they perpetuate to manipulate. It is all about money. They even have “agents” in religious circles who fake the belief acting as leaders just to be in control of information and perpetuate fear in these circles in order to maintain control of the masses through various belief systems. As much as they can keep people locked up in these types of systems, the more they have control of their money and behavior. It is all about money. Whether it is tithing, offerings, or money laundering through secular taxation, it is all about control. It is all about money. It is a type of slavery that a 1% has relieved their self of. They have no guilt, no shame, and no belief in God, though they love to use God to put people in systems of fear that will have the masses working to support them at the top.

Don’t be confused. I very much believe in God, and have more reason to believe than any of you. I no longer need faith to act, because faith is the evidence of things unseen. But I also very much know what the witching hat is and how separation, fear, and judgements fuel the heat of this construct. Since the dawn of time, no, I did not say since the beginning. The construct of our time from the fall vs. the beginning are two different things. You cannot sum up what happened before the partaking of what is forbidden in a headline of the act that changed everything. Since the dawn of time, mankind has desired for the control of knowledge and the suppression of it for no other reason than for power and the greed for wealth that comes from that control. There is no greater way to do this than to keep the masses in the dark and in belief systems that control and drain the wealth to those that see with open eyes. They stay at the top, and on top of everyone down below who is blind to their deceit. You are not free and you are not working for your self.

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I just googled “how many people are in the Untied States”. I got this answer:

328.2 million (2019)

Now, just for argument sake let’s say that only 100 million are working. If those 100 million only gave a dollar a day in taxes, it would look like this:

A dollar a day = 365 dollars per person for the year. 365 dollars multiplied by 100 million people =


That number is:


Are we beginning to see how the humble dollar adds up? From usatoday .com I read: “Taxpayers in the United States pay over $11,000 a year on average in federal, state, and local taxes, or 20% of their gross annual pay.” Now $11,000 is a whole lot more than only paying a dollar a day. Again for illustration let’s say that only 100 million citizens are working and paying taxes. That looks like this:

11000 x 100 million = 1.1e+12; which is a scientific notation. These are used to represent very small or very large numbers.

1.1e+12 converted to words=

One Trillion One Hundred Billion

Does this number represent the decade? No, it represents ONE YEAR. EACH and EVERY year they are pulling in mass amounts of money. In 2019 156.92 million people were employed. Now all of this does not take into consideration all of the taxes you pay outside of employment –taxes that everyone pays on products purchased –whether young, unemployed, old, retired. Are you beginning to see how we’ve been played by those in seats of power? America has been the world’s bitch. We are generating incredible wealth all so the global elite can siphon it away through sold out traitor politicians. They create fake causes for no other reason but to launder the wealth of the nation away. You are working to support foreign hostile powers that see you as slaves to their greed. You are seen as slaves, you are seen as collateral damage as they gain even more wealth through instigated disease outbreaks, Benghazi’s, 9/11’s, hurricanes, instigated fires…… Whether it’s sending BILLIONS over seas for “climate change” as they generate fires and hurricanes, or through so called “foreign aid” after their provoked wars that harm so many innocent lives –you are being played.

We are not free. Politicians are guilty of treason against the United States and every citizen here.

As we generate mass amounts of money, the country continues to increase its deficit, a housing crisis continues to grow, homelessness is an epidemic, and of course social security is drying up and you will have to work until you’re 90. Welcome to your very own Medieval European Shit Show, Americans. They want America to collapse, because then they can move in with ultimate control and power. Rather than an incredible landscape, schools, innovation, a thriving marketplace and a social security that never runs dry, we have this reality. Death, disease, devastation and decline.

Make no mistake we are in the business of freedom, not submission to tax slavery and death for profit. Make no mistake we are fighting for freedom, whether in the Spiritual arena, or the secular.

So, my point I am trying to make, what I am leading up to, is first we must awaken to truth that we can no longer be manipulated by fear and controlled by false illusions. We have been under the influence of “cosmic powers” that have directly been working to keep mankind asleep and in systems of fear, and keep us from advancing in the Universe. Mankind is a portal of God.

“For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.”

Ephesians 6:12

So, I have to ask, if you are coming to play your hand and have a proposal for me, what is your intent? My knee is bent to an invisible power that will soon be made manifest here. If you are in alignment with that, then I will walk beside you. If not, you are not my enemy, but have made yourself an enemy of God. He has fashioned my mind to perceive the Universe. A computer in the flesh, memory stored in a piece of meat. It is a superhighway of thought, but it cannot be had without the Spirit. Do not reduce me to genetics and do not attempt to use me to get something that cannot be had without the hand of God and the presence of His Spirit. The ground is nothing without water that brings forth life –life that is sitting there, potential unrealized. There is no heir, nothing I can produce for you that will give you what you see in me –unless that life grows under the outpouring of His Spirit when that life itself seeks it of its own will.

I will only partner with those seeking the Kingdom Come.

Astronaut, Consider what you want, and consider what you will get. Choose wisely.

Everyone else, open your eyes. See clearly the system we are under and how that is ruining our atmosphere here and preventing us from our rightful place in the Universe.