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“Is not My inheritance to Me like a speckled bird of prey with other birds of prey circling against her? Go, gather all the beasts of the field; bring them to devour her.

Jeremiah 12:8

I have to wonder about what I saw just the other night. A large room with a domed or vaulted ceiling, and no floor in sight. There was one on a protruding balcony. No, not like one outside, but like you see in a theater, yet not like that at all. It was dark and I could not see others beyond this one man balcony that was like a podium. Or perhaps it was no man at all. His hand was very different. The skin tone was not dark but not light either. His fingers were short and very fat and he had fewer fingers, naturally. It was not that some were missing due to injury. He had three fingers and an opposable thumb. His sleeves were long and belled and went over the back of his hand. He extended his hand out on the platform in front of him. He pushed out what looked like a small stack of round coins, or markers, and then tapped his finger on it as if to motion to others. I have to wonder, was this a bet, or a bid?

Before you move, understand who He is, the I Am.