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Whether the Spiritual, or the secular, we are fighting for freedom. I have seen no greater false flag than this one right here. It is a fake store front. The injustices put upon so many are grotesque. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, to liberty, or even to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. It is our right to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form that will seem most likely to effect our Safety and Happiness. It is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security. You have become enemies of the state and with your lying wagging tongues you attempt to shame anyone who calls you out, calling them “unpatriotic” –but it is you that hide behind bully tactics to deflect the light from shining on the truth of what you are that are unpatriotic. You twist and spin and try to scream the loudest to take the attention off of your treason. The most unpatriotic thing in all of history is groups that ignore horror and the attacks on freedom simply because they are too prideful to look at truth and would rather fight for an illusion that is a lie.

The founding fathers of freedom did not say, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive, look the other way and create a fake store front to protect the criminals. If you don’t, then you are unpatriotic.” You are absurd. It is one thing to be ignorant of truth, it is an entirely different thing to see it and try to spin it into something it is not.

It makes me sick, this divide and conquer political circus that is designed to keep everyone fighting while the crime goes on. It makes me sick how people fight for their party rather than fighting for the country and the highest good of all. If it is failed policy, it is failed policy. If it is criminal behavior, then it is criminal –not just when it is on the other side. Herd mentality for sure. Just keep going around patting each other on the back and fighting for an illusion to be the best, when you are nothing more than clowns in a circus. It is all for special interests and a hidden shadow government that romances your vote with lies while murdering you when it suits the agenda.

Nobody has the right to burn your house down. Nobody has the right to have a royal storm boat that devastates and murders you with hurricanes. Nobody has the right to engineer catastrophe and call it “seasonal” problems, whether that be storms, or intentional disease outbreaks. Nobody has the right to drill underground with massive drills to provoke earthquakes to harm you. Nobody has the right to put harmful things in the air to ensure we have allergies and buy up the allergy meds. Nobody has the right to purposefully contaminate drinking water to create sickness. Nobody has the right to murder soldiers and civilians for war for profit. Nobody has the right to buy elections and nullify your vote. Nobody has the right to subject you to a hidden tax slavery through so called honorable causes and launder the wealth of the nation away that is intended to build our schools, communities and landscapes, and care for all those in need –giving it to foreign hostile powers while traitors here get their cut. Nobody has the right to traffic children for sexual slavery. Nobody has the right to abuse you or mistreat you in any way. Nobody has the right to wag the dog and manipulate the economy with disease and fear just to turn a profit. All of this especially applies to the United States Government. As they are to be stewards of our freedom, they must come under greater scrutiny and accountability of the laws that are to protect all in freedom.

The problem is not that I’ve intercepted terror. The problem is that you are the terrorists. No one has a problem with the prevention of terror, unless they want the terror. Your behavior over the last 7 years bears witness to the truth of who you are. No, seven years is no gaffe. No, withholding connection for 7 years is no gaffe. You are guilty of attempted murder for seven years and gross human rights violations. You are so gross.

No one who willingly recklessly endangers the people they are intended to protect and serve is fit for office, title, or uniform. You are a disgrace. You are a blemish on the history of this great nation. No, you are without legal right to do what you’ve done to those who have been entrusted to you, and to so many of other places. You are enemies of freedom. You are enemies of the state. You are without legal right to ever write legislation or adopt any agendas that are destructive to our life, our liberty, or our pursuit of happiness. You are impostors and traitors against the entire nation. You murder your own. You suffer your own with sickness and disease, devastation and loss. You are a disgrace. You are a danger to all. You are a threat to national security and nothing more than serial mass murderers that belong in prison.

The only ones who have a problem with freedom are those who want the freedom to harm others. We are either of the character that fights for freedom, or we are of the character that fights against it. To love freedom is to love it for all. You cannot love freedom and also love power.

The federal government has become a threat to national security and a danger to all. The control of money must be removed from them. It must be shifted to the States, with each county having their own IRS to keep the State in check. The State level IRS must shift focus to strictly govern the wealth of that state, and creating the most incredible communities and landscapes for the residents in that state.

We have a right to pay taxes. We have a right to pay taxes and have those dollars work for us. The intended purpose of taxation is to see to all and build communities –not be laundered away into billionaire pockets, causing a multitude of sufferings and the stunting of our advancement. The federal government should get a paycheck and that is all. No politician should ever be in control of the nation’s wealth. The CIA should be destroyed. No, when you work for the CIA, or any form of government, you don’t suddenly have the right to be destructive to life, to liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. As stewards of our freedom and life, you must come under greater condemnation of the law that is intended to limit the government and protect all.

Gross Human Rights Violations, the list of offenses is astounding. It is a fake store front and you are enemies of the State and a disgrace to the great ideals that were intended to set this country apart from the rest. You are without excuse. You are inhumane. You are unethical. You are criminals. You are inept and incompetent. Decency and common sense of the law eludes you because you are murderers looking to get away with murder. Anyone who would ever place political agenda and the interests of foreign hostile powers above the safety of the people, and above national security, has no place in any form of government.

You are a disgrace and a danger to all. So many have died, and suffered sickness and loss, as a direct result of your actions, and a direct result of your failure to act.

If you see government as a means for you to abuse others, then you are unfit to serve and protect. You are an impostor, a traitor, and unfit to serve in any capacity. You are a disgrace to this country and traitors to every single person here.

Any group whether religious, secular, OR SATANIC, that believes they are entitled to harm others, is a threat to freedom and a danger to all. You are an enemy of all mankind.

Isn’t it something that for so many Human Rights are only relevant if it is their own being violated. Otherwise, they will gladly abuse, murder, and harm anyone they wish, or just sit back and enjoy the show –just as long as it’s not them.