Put me in a position to defend myself and I will do just that. The offense if yours. Step out of the bounds of freedom in order to enter my sphere of existence with intent to harm, and I will strike. There is no baiting. The vision given was to inform alone that you might accept what is on the horizon. It is an invitation, if you will. The free will to decline never implies the right to harm. Free will never implies the freedom to harm. Kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. At the end of the day I let the flies fall where they may, knowing that I do not wrestle with flesh and blood. I wrestle with the powers you are under the influence of. In this way I may relieve you of the burden of fault though consequences may still be released as a teacher. No, my wrestle is not with your weakness, but with cosmic powers in heavenly places. You are a tool and just as dull as the hammer to the nail.

I do have to wonder, what did I see the other night? Just a few nights ago I had my eyes opened within my mind to a very large object that was massive and so close to our planet that it appeared in our atmosphere, or perhaps just in orbit, but stationary. It was dark as night and I was looking at this thing that I also perceive as not perceivable to the naked eye. It was a very dark mahogany color and the mass reminded me of a peach pit with all the undulations and random weaving pattern of ridges. It was a very ominous presence. Is it there?