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I am not feeling well. I laid back down. I saw the moon as a big giant round clay disk with filigree patterns embossed in it just like the new planter I got to hold my Golden Spirit Smoke Tree. It was like a full moon and a perfect circle. I was eye level with it. Then I saw a thin red line going across beneath it and a man on a bicycle going across the line, but his head was in the shape of a crescent moon. I could not see any facial features, but it too was like clay and embossed with the same pattern. He rode by and it was like the scene froze as he was right in front of the clay disk moon, but on the side where the curvature of his crescent head aligned with the outside curvature of the disk.

Are you cycling around my thoughts? Are you coming into alignment with the tree of thought that this design holds? Do you perceive your personality to be as mine?