The vision was of night and the moon became as many moons in various shades of moon glow, grayish white with the palest of them looking like nothing more than shadows. There was one crescent on the right and they all overlapped and were like a cluster.

There was another just a few days after that vision and was just a few days ago in this last week. It was of a terrestrial night scene and standing on the ground was a line of people, but dead as dead spirits without a body—only souls clothed in scarlet tunics. I perceived them as the lost souls not having their garments washed white as snow.

They were all lined up and to their left, my right, was a big group of skeletons. They were not in a straight line like the souls, but in a crowd. Then I saw one of the skeletons jump into the soul in the front. It walked off. Then the next one jumped into the next and so on like an assembly line.

I have to wonder about this dark scene that is both of death and life, but life not as we know. It was morbid. I have to wonder what will it look like when the earth gives up its dead. Will they be given a body and fleshly form? Will there be a final judgement and act of hell upon earth? What will the dead walking look like? Will they hurt us? What is their mission? What is their purpose? What will be their assignment?