I want you to know that I have very difficult days. I am supposed to act like everything is fabulous and nothing is wrong. It is year seven. All of the people that God said we’re going to come never did. Many of the people that I believed were key figures in effecting change turned out to be key figures in the horrific group that harms all. Some days I feel so alone. Some days I feel so overwhelmed. Some days the sadness is like a very painful knot in my stomach.

Some days I am so drained, exhausted and a kind of tired and sad that I cannot describe.

I am getting better at choking it all down though. Choke down seven years of horrific abuse, terror, attempts upon my life, the withholding of connection in order to psychologically torture me …..and by all means act like you’ve got it all together. And don’t forget how important it is to find help and encouragement and the support you need during this stay at home crisis. Because your mental health matters.