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I am shown certain ones who believe they are witches. I see them many times when they attempt to cast spells or enact rituals that are to send harm my way.

What you speak out, what you perform, you will receive for yourselves. I will not receive it. Perhaps reaping what you sow is what you’ve needed for so long.

With full permission I have commanded the dark realm to see to it. With bended knee they receive the assignment. It is a pitiful thing to desire to harm others. It is pitiful. It is not power. It is evidence of a soul in lack. You are free to repent and seek a life in light. Regardless, you must honor rights. No one has the right to harm. No one has the right to break the bounds of freedom to act abusively. Again, if this is your desire, you are suffering from a mental illness and are a soul in lack with a depraved mind. All are loved. All are welcome to be saved from such a state.

Kingdom living seeks the highest good of all. In that Kingdom there is Karma. There is reaping what you sow. It may be uncomfortable for a time, but it truly is intended to evolve someone beyond a bad behavior. You are free to be. You have free will. You may be what you desire, but that also comes with a day of reckoning if that includes harming others. Again, it is not that Heaven is against you. Neither is it that Heaven does not desire you. It is that it is better to receive a suffering in some measure and enter the Kingdom, than not.

Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. We are speaking of truths that are true in the Kingdom and in secular circles. They are Universal Truths. It is an un-evolved state that wants to harm. It is base. It is primitive.

My thoughts for you include a hope that you will learn to celebrate you. You needn’t harm others in order to be everything you can be. The root problem here is again, fear. When we lack and are in fear, we believe lies. We believe lies and try to take from others or hurt others. Fear is a lie. It is a depraved mind that fears. In a state of fear we manifest death, death to ourselves and death to others. It is not true power, but a deception. It actually deceives the mind. The more we take and the more we harm others, the more we become less.

I am looking at you, M.O. You have more than most could ever possibly imagine having, yet you fear. I am not mad at you. I want you to learn. I want you to understand your true power and that it has nothing to do with hurting others or causing suffering.

I want you to learn.

So the Realms have heard, and so the assignment is posted for all to see.

So be it.