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This morning I saw an incredible vision. It was of God the Father. It was dark like this picture above. He was standing and as big as the night sky with the sun in His hand. That is how big he was, that the sun looked like a melon in His hand. This vision was telling me that the time of Him giving me the Morning Star, handing it to me, is coming in to view. I have been chosen for it. It will lead to immortality, the putting on of the imperishable. Then I was shown a Heavenly creature that resides out there in our Universe, not the Heavenly Realm. He saw and was angry. He then appeared before me and tried to fan out his face and attempt to scare me into a state of fear. I watched myself rise up and put him under my foot. We must understand that when we are handed the fullness of our inheritance, it includes dominion over the entire Universe. I feel that God is showing me that the awakening of mankind will come with resistance. They do not want mankind to awaken. But isn’t it true that we who are awakening, we are the resistance to this first order? It is. And it cannot be stopped, especially once the Father who has been in darkness hands over the Morning Star. At this moment is when the Son will hand the Kingdom back over to the Father.

Much is at stake.

The Father refused to leave His Bride, even through an age of darkness when She was veiled from truth and apart from the Spirit of Love. He never left Her. Isn’t it sweet that I get to play a role in the Kingdom that will rescue Him from such a place that He might regain what has been stolen from Him. We do not understand what He really has done for us. He went to hell for us that we might be led from a dark place and be rescued from the bondage of decay. Immortality has always been our birthright. We are to be extremely powerful over the Universe. Understand what is at play and what is at stake. Understand why there are principalities and powers against us. They want to keep us fooled in fear. But we will not remain in a place that is unfitting. We will not remain in a lie.

We have friends in the Universe that are on the side of Light, but many are not and they are coming after me.

“And to the one who overcomes and continues in My work until the end, I will give authority over the nations. This one will rule them with an iron scepter and shatter them like pottery —just as I have received authority from My Father. And I will give this one the morning star.”

Revelation 2