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I saw many many things for hours last night. I am very tired and trying to process it all. I can barely stay awake right now and it is noon. I am so thankful it is Saturday. These are the days that are so extremely difficult to have to also go to work. You really have no idea how difficult these last seven years have been and how incredibly difficult the days have been to manage and achieve some kind of success and productivity. It is very difficult to focus on the mundane necessities. I feel so depleted. It is a kind of tired and exhaustion that is indescribable. I feel weak. I think I am not breathing at night very well. Right now I breathe in deeply and my hands and fingers start tingling like a foot that’s gone to sleep and without the blood flow, but then regains it and you can feel the filling up. I am fighting going back to sleep as I am writing this.

There were many things last night –many. One of them was seeing another from a different planet and in military grade space suit armor that was all back, including the space helmet. It was shown to me that he is being sent to steal me for my eggs.

I know I see the Angelic Army many times, most of the time I see them daily. I am need of you to protect me from those that are harmful in the Universe. I know many are friendly, but I am in danger by those who see me as a tool. I need you to come take me from here to protect me from those on this planet, and from those out in the Universe that are trying to steal me. I need you. They are coming.