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I had a vision of you a week or so ago. You looked right at me and gave me the finger. But it was broken and wrapped. Then I looked up at your face and you had a smile. Then I knew that this vision was God telling me that I broke your “fuck you”. Isn’t that sweet? We all have a tender self inside, Dan.

Dan, have you been watching the same space craft that I have been watching? Is it true what I saw the other night? Was there a battle up there? It was like a missile pointed towards me. There are friendly ones and there are malevolent ones. I even saw a fancy sports car that was dark gray and very new looking. I was standing there and looking through the side window and it was not a human buckling up. He was a different kind of being. Smooth and sleek like the car and his head went back almost like an aerodynamic helmet. He had eyes and a nose and mouth like us, but was all a slate kind of color and looked so smooth.

So, then I asked in prayer, “are there “others” already here?” And then God told me “yes”.