When living in the TwilightZone gets to be a bit too much, I can always disappear in this tiny little jungle of mine. Perhaps this next weekend I can re-pot some of them that need it and better arrange them in this crowded space. I have a couple hooks that go into the ceiling. It would be nice if I got those up and hung a couple. They are seriously beautiful and under appreciated all squished in there like that. A joy nonetheless. Have you ever seen a bird’s nest fern that is curly like that? I am thinking next weekend I will have to take them all down before I can figure out the best arrangement. There is something magical about plants and nature. I get lost in them. Do you see the one up front with the dark purple like leaves? It is this plant:

Calathea Lancifolia, or the Rattlesnake plant. It is so beautiful. Here is a place for magic because it came from magic.